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Dec 2011 new photos of the Pye Recording crew and Miles Davis's engineer Stan Tonkel and producer Teo Macero

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Band performances, setlists and Audio -Visual recordings.
Pye Recording Crew
Stanley Tonkel & Teo Macero
Setlists and audio Recordings

The Unsung Heroes ...........

The Pye Mobile Recording Studio crew
    Practically the entire festival was recorded by the Pye Mobile Recording Unit, who brought down two vans and who recorded everything they could , they were largely uncredited on the official visual and audio recordings that have been released over the past four decades.

You can find more about the history of Pye , see what ac ts they recorded and view pics of the equipment they used here

The Pye recording crew, L to R : Alan Perkins, Neville Crozier, the late Vic Maile and Kenny Denton © Alan Perkins

        However, if you can't get the aud tapes, almost all the performances exist on film and soundboard, through the Message To Love filming activities  and it seems that amost all of the  Wednesday or Thursday " free concerts " were recorded, as soundboards of these sets are now emerging as well as this e-mail attests

With reference to the above I was one of the five crew that worked for the pye mobile, we recorded every single note except for the first two hours on 1inch 8 track . Vic Maile (in my opinion the best live recording engineer of all time) was in charge and one week after returning Vic and I remixed many of our favourite acts which over the years I have managed to pass on to the artist many of their recordings.
Some years ago I was contacted by the director of the movie to answer some questions which I gladly did as Vic was now longer with us.
I requested that Vic be credited on the movie, can you imagine when I saw a list a mile long of sound engineers not one that any of our gang of 5 had ever heard of were credited. The names of the crew are as follows Vic Maile, Alan Perkins, Nevil Crozie, Len Foster and myself ,Kenny Denton .

Kenny D

Alan Perkins, Neville Crozier ,Tony Carey © Alan Perkins

A few pictures you may like from the Isle of Wight festival 1970. I was one of the PYE engineers who recorded the whole event, now known as "Message to Love" The first picture shows three of us backstage, with a rare shot of one of the two "Pye Studios Mobile Recording Unit" vans that we had there. From left to right we have Alan Perkins, then myself Neville Crozier and then Tony Carey our maintenance man. The second picture shows four of us on the ferry over to the Island L to R Alan Perkins, Neville Crozier, the late Vic Maile and Kenny Denton. The last picture is on stage with Ricky Farr on the mike and myself, Neville Crozier putting up mics with another P.A guy.

© Alan Perkins

Alan Perkins had the camera and has only recently sent these to me. My job for the whole festival was looking after and setting the recording mics on stage for all the acts, I was only 20 years old and must have had one of the best jobs in the world!
Please contact me if you need any more info, as the PYE recorders, and the great sound we achieved, seem to have been greatly overlooked in the history of the Festival.

Good gear ! Close up of the Neve boards used to record the festival audio © Estate of Stanley Tonkel

Great to see some pictures of the recording gear, I always thought there must be some out there somewhere, by the way if anybodies interested the recording boards were made for us by Neve, they were later built in to the next Pye mobile more permanently, along with the 2 x 3M portable 8 tracks that were used on the event. Mics used were Neuman U67 valve mics, AKG D224E and sennheiser MD421. As you can see the only time we could get some sleep was in the morning, on the ground ! That’s me in the purple t-shirt asleep near Vic by the way, ,you can just see Kenny in the back of the truck, behind the engineer, neither myself nor Alan can remember his name, but we both agree that Teo and Stan were there as producers. In the shots of them by the side of the van, again that’s me in the purple t-shirt behind them.

All the best

Neville Crozier.

Pye Mobile studio : Stan Tonkel , unknown engineer , Teo Macero , Vic Maile soaking a few rays and Neville Crozier far right © Estate of Stanley Tonkel

Stan Tonkel and Vic Maile © Estate of Stanley Tonkel

Pye Recording Crew
Stanley Tonkel & Teo Macero
Setlists and audio Recordings

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