The Egypt Images. PT2
This page and page 6.7.and 8 feature some of Ianto's slides of 9-16-78.

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In the shadow of the Sphinx. 9-16-78. 
video stills of audience


Hamza  & Ollin Arageed 1. 
Band photos 2 
Band photos 3
Band photos 4
Egypt Photos 5
Egypt Photos 6
Egypt photos 7
Bob Weir
Jerry 1
Jerry 2 
Keith Godchaux

Do NOT miss this section, great pix by Ianto , as featured in Dwork's Taping Compendium no 2, except they are in colour and there are a lot more of em ! 

Egypt adventures  pt 1(getting there ).

Egypt adventures  pt 3 (9-16-78).