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Last updated February 2010 .

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7-9th March 2009 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Speed Caravan .

Stage 2: Saturday 7th March 2009 5pm

    This act should have taken Natacha Atlas's spot on Friday night. After wandering around largely unfulfilled on Friday, seemingly not able to find one act that inspired me, I finally came across these characters playing to a smallish crowd at the Zoo stage . I was impressed , they allowed me to dance dervish like for the first time right down the front ! The word got round on Satrurday morning that they were hot and so their final performance was watched by a large crowd who were knocked out by their frenetic music that blends rock elements and traditional Oud into a fierce and frantic mash up. Highly recommended !

Photos © Zingo



Joined by Guillarmo for an ace version of the Cure's " Killing An Arab "



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