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The Doobie Brothers.

The Doobies strut their stuff as the sun goes down ... © Tony Brigg


Photo courtesy of Henry Cobbold , Knebworth House.

      The Doobie Brothers were something of a mainstream band , at least if one judged them by their records, but live they were another matter, on stage they were an extremely funky and soulful outfit . They were billed above Van Morrison on the strength of a few hits such as Listen to the Music and Jesus is Just Alright . I never owned all that many Doobies albums, but I had friends who were real fans , and we spent a fair few hours laid back listening to their albums, the best of which are probably Toulouse Street and The Captain and Me.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Kolmansky.

Photograph © Bazza.

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View of der Doobs from just about where the Archive editor was sitting © Tony Brigg

   I was expecting to be mildly entertained , but the band were top notch . Not an outfit who were going to go in any different directions on any given night, but still a highly professional band of talented musos who were capable of stirring up a crowd and giving them a good time, mainly driven by the twin guitars of Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston, their eminently soulful vocals and a rhythm section that was as tight as a latex glove. They also had more than a few damn good songs and the combination of the twin intermingled guitars and spot on vocal harmonies was hard to resist. This show was hot and featured most of their big hits. By the end of their set they had most of the crowd on their feet and dancing madly to their music.


Tom Johnston - guitars/harmonica/vocals 
Pat Simmons - guitars/arp/vocals 
John Hartman -drums/percussion/vocals
Tiran Porter - bass guitar/vocals 
Michael Hossack - drums/congas/timbales
Jeff (Skunk ) Baxter- guitar

Excellent photos of a Doobie Brothers concert in Arizona in 1974 can be seen here .

Set list
Listen To The Music
Black Water
South City Midnight
Rockin Down The Highway.
Don't Start Me To Talking
Without You.
Clear As The Driven Snow
Eyes Of Silver.
Without Love
Down in the track
Road Angel
Jesus Is Just All Right With Me
China Grove



   At least one audience tape exists of this show . Big thanks to the intrepid J K - who taped the show - for this set list . As he says " a highlight of this show was Tom Johnston's " put your hand together " routine which worked so well and still gives me a thrill after all this time"
Hopefully this tape will surface digitally sometime on the tra
ding circuit, although ominously, JK no longer answers any of our none of us are getting any younger, lets hope he is still around .

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