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Knebworth Park. July 5th 1975.

Pink Floyd

Steve Miller Band

Captain Beefheart

Roy Harper and Trigger

Linda Lewis

Graham Chapman

DJ'S John Peel & Pete Drummond

The Steve Miller Band entertain the vast audience at Knebworth 75 © David Miller

The PA looks pretty puny compared to most of the rigs we see nowadays, but this could also be dwarfed by the excessive height of the stage © Martin Starnes


Photos © Martin Starnes

    After the success of the 1974 Bucolic Frolic, veteran rock promoter Freddie Bannister promoted another large outdoor concert in the grounds of stately Knebworth Park, scene of the previous years show.


 This time round the draw card was Pink Floyd ,backed by a solid bill consisting of

  • Linda Lewis 
  • Monty Python 
  • Steve Miller, 
  • Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band  

 And being the ultimate show of their 1975 tour, this should have been an artistic triumph for the band , but events unfortunately conspired to make this rather less than that , at least as far as the Floyd were concerned.

Photo© Henry Cobbold

    The festival also played host to the mother of all traffic jams ( left ) and queues stretched back for up to ten miles in length, something that had not happened to this extent in  1974. This was partly due to the fact that although the festival was a sell out - and the organisers had asked people without tickets NOT to attend -many fans still arrived in the hope of scoring tickets from touts, or just hanging around and listening to the show from outside. Car breakdowns on the connecting roads also did nothing to help things and the fact that the police took control of the traffic arrangements apparently did little to cure the  problems either. 

    These pages are intended to be a celebration of the festival, the second in a long line of one day events held at Knebworth Park. You will find here as many details of the day as we can muster, most especially oral recollections of those who attended, details of performances , photos ,press accounts ( can anyone help with providing some more of these ) , band personnel, set lists , available recordings and links where available.

     We 'd also like to thank the following people for contributing to the development of the pages so far. 

Richard Arrridge, David Miller ,Martin Starnes , Henry Cobbold, Neil Rice , Graham Edgar ,Ove Strindh and Chris Atkins.

Thankee gents ....


There Must Be A Better Way

The abridged Knebworth commemorative set There Must Be A Better Way is now available and anyone wanting to know more about the sets should email the Bannisters
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The performances from Knebworth 75 that are known to exist on tape .Pages contain recording details , photos and links .

As far as we know none of the other acts were recorded . But here are the details of their performances , plus a photo of Linda on-stage provided by Henry Cobbold.

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