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The Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe.

TUMT Photogallery Two

Da Beast and friends © Igor Malaprop

January 86 park up on the beach below Fuengirola castle© Penny Pitstop

yer average family photo! on a park up somewhere near the beach in Andalucia © Penny Pitstop

Getting ready to go busking in inconclusive art bus, left to right Annie, Stig (almost hidden), Clint, Prema, Caroline and Zac © Penny Pitstop

human pyramid outside tony's decca, Caroline bombalay on top ! © Penny Pitstop

Busking on the beach in Fuengirola, standing left to right, josie, tourist posing, Caroline, Buzz, © Penny Pitstop

Layla in the bath © Penny Pitstop

Street theatre in France © Igor Malaprop

A Spanish Club © Igor Malaprop

Bern 1985 © Igor Malaprop

An average sart to the day? Benji deals with the Guardia Civil before breakfast. © Penny Pitstop

Stonehenge 1984
Ting at Stonehenge 1984

The Ting and The Beast at the GLC May day concert 1983

Laid up in France, mid to late 80s ? © Gopher Wood .

courtesy Baron Igor Malaprop

Photogalleries .


Were you there? Did you ever encounter the Tibetans in performance ?

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