14 Hour Technicolor Dream

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Last updated Dec 2012


    O f course , the whole event was one big happening , but there were lots of little separate events that were going on which contributed to the whole. We see below the Yoko Ono happening where an obliging young lady volunteered to have her clothes cut off her gradually by members of the audience . I think this says a lot about the guys (no girls participate ) who performed the snipping . Although the girl is smiling throughout there is an air of menace about the event that leaves a slightly sour taste in the mouth- which is perhaps what Yoko intended.



Meanwhile other strange items were scattered around the venue , such as this unknown machine, which seemed to have no other purpose than to just be itself.


A man in a plastic bender addresses the crowd


There are links to accounts of this show as well as photographs of many aspects of the event.

Alley Pally

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