14 Hour Technicolor Dream

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Last updated Dec 2012


     In a mixed media event, such as the dream , the borders between audience and " performers " blur and meld. Potentially, EVERYONE was a performer . In truth, the musical entertainment was , like the acid tests , something that happened as an accompaniment to the events that were going on amongst the audience and within the hall. At any one poin t in time several bands were playing simultaneously at opposite ends of the venue, and poets , machines and audience members were all engaged in their own performances , many of them , no doubt , soaring away in their own little chemically enhanced private worlds.

Unfortunately, the film crews present seem to have missed many of the bands who performed and of those they did film, the director has chosen to present only fleeting moments . Also, the bands unidentified for the most part. So no Pink Floyd, Pretty Things., Alexis Korner , Sam Gopal or Graham Bond that I can identify..

The band featured here are possibly Tomorrow .....





There are links to accounts of this show as well as photographs of many aspects of the event.

Alley Pally

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