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24-26th July 1970
Ecclesden Common.

The MC 5 SET
    Until you actually see the MC5 live its impossible to guess at the energy they send out in their music. The LP sounds so pseud, so over-emotional somehow that its not until you see them doing it that you realise what an amazing band they are. Guitarist Wayne Kramer, arse-wiggleing across stage, jumping up in three foot leaps and spinning alround in the air, Tyner, sweat pouring from him, rocking through Kick Out The Jams, I Want You Right Now, Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa screaming at the audience to go with him. Fred Smith, on his knees , his feet, his back ,jumping ,leaping through the air, firing his gun at the audience- machine fast, tripping over the boss and keeping the music coming. "The MC5, The MC5."

Too Much!

Dave .
Grass Eye .Aug 7 1970.

This extremely ropey photo is of the MC 5 at Phun City, but you'll have to take my word for it, you can distinguish several players if you look hard enough . 
     As far as I know this is the only recording that has ever surfaced from Phun City. It sounds like it might be an sound board or at least a SBD feed . Its starts out sounding a bit rough but then improves considerably, to be around a B+ grade . Its a very good set , with plenty of energy. Since the MC5 set was filmed, its conceivable that this is a sbd feed to adeck , or even the original. Now hows about releasing ALL the film and recordings of this historic festival ? Its criminal its sitting mouldering in a vault somewhere.
Set list.
Rambling Rose.
Tonight . Ramalama( Fa , Fa, Fa )
Miss X
Looking At You.
I want You ( dedicated to all the dirty people in the audience.)
Sister Anne .
Kick Out the Jams /Black to Comm

Available on the Sonic label, it may well be a boot, the catalogue number is  SRDC00040. 


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