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24-26th July 1970
Ecclesden Common.

Artists who performed at  the festival.

    Its almost impossible at this distant remove to ascertain just what was played by any particular band, but if anyone does have details, let me know. I don't know if the straight music press covered the festival, but if so , they may have mentions of the songs played . Of course , if those who are sitting on the FILM release it, we would have a more or less complete record. The MC5 set  is the only one that has surfaced so far, lets hope there will be more ! I'm also surprised that Hawkwind did not play here, since they did play for free at Bath and the Isle of Wight , perhaps they had another previous booking .

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These groups or solo artists definitely played on these days.

Demon Fuzz © Dicky Howett


Friday 24th July 1970

Stray, Wildmouth, J.J. Jackson & the Pretty Things .

Pretty Things and JJ play classic sets. Free refused to play without money up front and went off home to sulk .

Saturday 25th July 1970

Cochise, Mighty Baby & Demon Fuzz all play sets . Edgar Broughton offers to play free, providing he isn't filmed
Edgar & Kevin Ayers play a great set together, which was probably not filmed - sigh ...... .
Pink Fairies strip show follows, with Russ & Twink rolling Naked on the stage .
The Poetry Festival & Sc i-Fi Conference commences eventually once the dome is inflated.

Mighty Baby © Dicky Howett


Sunday 26th July 1970
Matthews Southern Comfort leave without playing ,Quiver, Honks (ex-Junior Eyes) start the day's serious music. Black radical band Noir play a really excellent set, as does Mike Chapman who has the audience on its feet for a 20 minute 'Hey Jude' which surpasses Paul McCartney. The Liverpool 8 Friendly Society follows, then Pete Brown, also excellent. The crowd gives a standing ovation to Sonia ( Sonia Christina, later of Curved Air. ), a virtually unknown folk singer, after an impromptu spot. Roger Ruskin, robots, and the reporter from" The People" take part in a piece of weirdness . Mungo Jerry finish off the festival with a set of their own and  then they are joined by the organisers, the film crew and sundry musicians who close the event with a 15 min. "anthem in plain E "specially composed by Mick Farren.


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