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Ross Mortimore's 8mm film 
Crowd stills taken from 8mm film of the Bath Festival:




A pair of idiot dancers gyrate madly during Colosseum's performance

Identify yourself !
    You might be here !. If you can remember what you looked like 30 years ago and are game enough to let us know, we will post up your details and the segment of the still that contains you. We have already had one person identify himself and heres his tale.....


I may be mistaken but is that me at the bottom right light jacket ? . The lad with Black afro hair resting head on hand at left is Ralph Moorhead and the blondish haired lad with white jacket (2nd right) is Tony 'Tosh' 
Wright all from Hartlepool, England. (or were our doubles there that day??!!)                                                         

Graham Broughton.

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