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The Milton Keynes Concerts.



The Garden Party

Marillion ,

Gary Moore


Mamas Boys ,


Jethro Tull

Sat 28th June 1986

Milton Keynes Bowl .






    Britain in the 80s, a decade chock full of some crap fashions, big permed haircuts, mass unemployment and (worst of all ) a shitty repressive government who hated anyone who wasn't acting like they were stuck in an upper middle class suburb in the 1950s. However, they couldn't stop us rocking at least , but they had a go at closing down as many gathering that weren't safely corralled into venues like The Bowl at Milton Keynes.

This looks like it was a good day, blue skies and generally good music- anyone who attended got some recollections to donate ?

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Hold it right there headbanger, we've got you covered , drop the bottle and put your hands on your head , slowly! © Shaun Gardner

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull © Shaun Gardner

Bob Cately of Magnum © Shaun Gardner

Colin "Wally" Lowe of Magnum © Shaun Gardner

Pat McManus of Mama's Boys doing a Bob Weir impersonation © Shaun Gardner

The late great Gary Moore © Shaun Gardner

Neil Carter of the Gary Moore Band © Shaun Gardner

Gary Moore Band © Shaun Gardner

© Shaun Gardner


Setlists and recordings

Mama's Boys June 28th 1986

Lettin' Go
One Last Chance
Runaway Dreams
Straight Forward, No Lookin' Back

Magnum June 28th 1986

How Far Jerusalem
Lonely Night
Just Like An Arrow
Kingdom Of Madness
When The World Comes Down

Jethro Tull June 28th 1986

Locomotive Breath
(Instrumental intro)
Hunting Girl
Living in the Past
Serenade to a Cuckoo
(Rahsaan Roland Kirk cover)
Fly by Night
(Ian Anderson song)
Pussy Willow
Fat Man
Thick as a Brick
Jazz-rock Instrumental
Locomotive Breath
Thick as a Brick (reprise)

Gary Moore June 28th 1986

Run for Cover
Murder in the Skies
Shapes of Things
(The Yardbirds cover)
Wild Frontier
Victims of the Future
So Far Away
Empty Rooms
Out in the Fields
All Messed Up
Rockin' Every Night
Wishing Well
(Free cover)
The Loner

Marillion June 28th 1986

Garden Party
Chelsea Monday
Script for a Jester's Tear
Pseudo Silk Kimono
Bitter Suite
Heart of Lothian
Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
Lords of the Backstage
Blind Curve
Childhoods End?
White Feather
Forgotten Sons
Market Square Heroes>She loves you > Let's Twist Again

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