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The Milton Keynes Concerts.



July 1st-3rd 1983

David Bowie

Serious Moonlight

Tour .




    Its a bloody big open air bowl and it seats 65,000 .An ex clay pit, it has a gradual slope which affords quite a good view for the crowd . Its situated not far from London and it often seems to rain when rock one day concerts are held there.During the 80s it hosted some big names in rock- Bowie, U2 , Simple Minds, Queen . Its the last series of major open air concerts of the 80s that we haven't covered to date. Well, now we have decided to amend that omission . We need your contributions to flesh out this site so it can eventually be as comprehensive as the Reading and Donington pages we have put together so far. You can help by Contacting us about these festies and any others you attended.


pace Oddity,
Rebel Rebel,
Ashes To Ashes,
Life On Mars,
Pretty Pink Rose,
Sound And Vision,
Blue Jean,
Let's Dance,
Ziggy Stardust,
China Girl,
Station To Station,
Young Americans,
Suffragette City,
The Jean Genie,
White Light/White Heat,
Modern Love,


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