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The Milton Keynes Concerts.



July 21st 1984

Status Quo



Jason and The Scorchers

Gary Glitter

Milton Keynes Bowl.



      Don't you just HATE these farewell gigs ? The band puts you through all the agony and angst as you attempt to get tickets to see them as its the LAST TIME and then a few years later , when they are in dire need of cash, or the creative muse is right , or whatever, they let bygones be bygones , kiss and make up and then go on their merry way as the cash registers begin to play their tune again . Well, this gig was no exception to the rule, the band were back playing live by 1986. However, this WAS the last show for drummer Pete Kircher , who had been with the band since 1981 .

     Quo's set was filmed ( and can be purchased on VHS only ) but we've not been able to find footage of any of the other bands on the bill. Of course, Gary Glitter went on to have another far less salubrious career , but we are sure that Jason and the Scorchers were, as usual , hot and the other bands did the job well. Marillion is a weird choice for Quo to have as part of their show, and we aren't sure just how well their prog rock would have gone down with the Quo punters . As usual Quo did a sterling job, they boogie and boogie well and you can't ask any more then that of them cos if you did , you'd probably be disappointed .......




Saw the Milton Keynes leg of the farewell shows (and was outraged when they turned out not be farewell shows, but a way to get Alan Lancaster to emigrate). I went to Milton Keynes largely for Marillion, but this was the point I was making the journey from Kerrang! to NME and from Tommy Vance to John Peel. The set that really sticks in my mind from that day was Jason and the Scorchers, who opened. They were pelted with bottles throughout, but I thought they were blistering - Jason Ringenberg was a wild ball of energy, and they made no compromises. Fell in love with them that day, for not shirking, and for playing easily the most exciting set of the gig.

M Hann

Setlists and recordings .


  • Assassing
  • Punch And Judy
  • Jigsaw
  • Script For A Jester´s Tear
  • Emerald Lies
  • Cinderella Search
  • Incubus
  • Fugazi
  • Garden Party
  • 11 Market Square
  • Heroes


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Status Quo

  • Caroline
  • Paper Plane
  • Roll Over Lay Down
  • Backwater
  • Just Take Me
  • Little Lady
  • Don't Drive My Car
  • Whatever You Want
  • Mystery Song Medley
  • Hold You Back
  • Rocking All Over The World
  • Over The Edge
  • Dirty Water
  • 4500 Times
  • Big Fat Mama
  • Don't Waste My Time
  • Roadhouse Blues
  • What You're Proposing
  • Rain
  • Down Down
  • Bye Bye Johnny

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