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Last updated April 2010.

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5-8th March 2010 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Dub Colossus.

    Stage 2 Saturday March 6th 9:00pm .

I wanted to like Dub Colossus ( I am a huge fan of Heavy Dub music ) but really their name does not truly reflect their sound. Its light on the Dub , and although they have a nice horn section, I found their music lacked the oomph that I was expecting from a band that has such a good pedigree (bass player Nick Page was a mover within Temple of Sound and has collaborated with Transglobal Underground). Didn't stay for the whole set, found one of the singers a bit off putting, she looked haughty and bored . I was in the minority though, most of the crowd seemed to like them .

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