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Windsor Manifesto.

   The back page of the third Windsor newsletter/manifesto/thingy, whatever you wish to call it. I've censored a few four letter words , not through prudish tendencies on my part but because some search engines will disbar pages which contain such words and I would rather be able to get this site accessed to as many people as possible , even though I'm contravening my principles by censoring the text . We all know what the words are anyway-you fill in the blanks.

W'E*L*C*O*M*E: People willing to devote themselves to the work of the Commune (a circle of human love) are most welcome to come and discuss and, if agreed, join.


Our civilisation: With psychedelic colours, painting, poetry, dress, songs and dances and music we people stand out in sharp contrast to the rest of society in the restoration of genuine community and friendship to our lives -qualities which they are losing and which is blamed on coloured people by intellectual thugs like Enoch Powell or even on ourselves who are often as severely discriminated against as any coloured persons (for example, by the publicans of Windsor at the time of the Festival and by the police in the mass searching of thousands of us on the roads to the site). TODAY HIPPIES COME FROM ALL RACES + COLOURS. If we are strong together as a community we are no less strong in that individually we appreciate the dignity and creativity and genius which everyone, given the opportunity and appropriate cultural outlets, innately has. It is a profound respect for one another which, when we join together, gives us INVINCIBLE power. On inspiration, from a realisation of these truths, the FESTIVAL began. Yet, how simply we can enrich our own lives and, by an exchange of confidences with others, those of people everywhere. For example, when preparing for the First Festival, we were told by a friend in Bristol that two bands there would play, namely, MAGIC MUSCLE and EARTH CRAFT. To us, deeply in love, the first was a fine name for man's sexual organ,:The second a pagan and beautiful word for the woman's. By combination we had an exquisite and dynamic phrase for making love: ***EARTH MAGIC***. Coming from a civilisation where a motley horde of parasitical priests and ministers had conspired diabolically to preach the fear of death with sexual repression-holding the cross in one claw and man's balls in the other-a terrible stranglehold on the minds and bodies of women and men for nearly 2,000 years-we realised that sex had been degraded by association with sin to such a degree that simple and useful words like c**t, c**k and f**k are forever lost as words of beauty. WE CAN DO BETTER! You can tell someone to f**k off but not to earthmagic off! Solidarity: If two people, while smoking dope, are approached by police they may well piss in their pants from fright. In a group of, say, 12 how much stronger one is. In a crowd of 1,000 all smoking dope together you can tell the police to piss off! We like smoking dope * we know it is against the law * there must be something wrong with the law * because there is nothing wrong with smoking dope. In good conscience, standing together and trusting one another we can win. As we did at WINDSOR. The cannabis laws, when we have fought the battle, will go. And, if we realise the strength of the weapon in our hands-nothing less than good old democracy -we can turn it against everything we loathe such as landlords and, in good time, abolish rent so that EVERYONE OWNS THEIR OWN HOME.

Communes: The old society is founded on the family which has now grown so small and lonely that it is truly called an emotional gas chamber. Two people smoking dope together don't have half the fun or satisfaction as a group of six or 12. It is TRUE not only of dope but of our whole lives. WE CAN LOVE MORE THAN ONE for before our eyes monogamous love is everywhere failing-far better and from that more generous, peaceful, freer HOME called the COMMUNE we can build a society which will recognise the genius in all of us. In the place of the ripoff employer/employee relationship we can have one of complete co-operation (we can all take part in the decision-making process at work as well as at home). But we have to learn this cooperation in the home and from an early age. It is there-in the COMMUNE-that the Revolution must begin! Here in our commune we aim at practising what we advocate. LOVE! .. ...... .... BEHIND THE FESTIVAL. Windsor Great Park extends from Virginia Water to the Castle - about seven miles!