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Stage 1. Botanic Park Adelaide.
Womadelaide Festival.

Set list

I Misunderstood.*

Jimmy  Shands.*

I Feel So Good. *

Ghost Of You Walks*

1952 Vincent Black Lightning.*

Two Left Feet

* Indicates broadcast on ZAP Fm community radio.

   A 45 minute set at Womad under less than perfect conditions. The big stage is really  best suited for the bands , RT and Danny looked a little lost in all that space . This did not however, prevent them from turning in an excellent set and getting a good audience response in the main. How good  a response largely depended on where you were situated in the crowd.
   I went back a little in order to try to preserve a magnetic memory of the event - the PA being far too loud for my set-up closer in. A big mistake, all the RT fans seemed to be down the front , in my spot I was unlucky enough to be sitting in front of a family who proceeded to bellow loudly at each other throughout the entire time I was near them . No interest whatsoever in RT. I moved pronto, but wherever I went it seemed to be the same . 
   It spoilt the show for me to some extent . My tape also did not come out due to a mic malfunction, but there is another in circulation. However, there is the excellent FM broadcast to fall back on , what a pity they did not transmit the entire set. 

Audience tapes exist of this show,  quality average .The FM broadcast is fantastic. Photo courtesy of Phil and Jenny


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