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Richard Thompson staggers around stage after spotting an Australian audience in daylight for the first time ever. "God you're ugly", he quipped," well some of you are alright I suppose". It was banter like this that endeared the two Thompsons ( Danny partly visible on right) to the Aussie audiences , as well as the small matter of their extraordinary playing , which was absolutely stunning.   
All photos courtesy JENNY & PHIL
Rt and Danny onstage Saturday 3-1- 97. About 20 minutes of this show was broadcast on ZAP FM. Whilst the duo was touring Australia the ABC broadcast 50 mins of the Tuesday night show from The Basement in Sydney on AM radio. There also were two short interviews, one from Womad and the other on the ABC Music Show , no live tunes were played in either of these interviews.
3-1-97. To see larger versions of these three pix 
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