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  • Providence, 11/2 /97 
Ahhhh, just a wonderful show at the best rock-n-roll club in the world,

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (big garage, indeed. Hmph.)

Teddy did his set first, lightweight, as others have mentioned.

RT came out, and was just phenomenal. The set list (graciously provided by Simon, the soundman) went like this: 

Turning of the Tide

Bathsheba Smiles

Galway to Graceland

I Feel So Good

The Ghost of You Walks


Dimming of the Day

VBL '52


Keep Your Distance

Jimmy Shands

Hide It Away

Walking on a Wire

Crawl Away (?)

I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

Heart Needs a Home

Sunny Afternoon/You Really Got Me

She May... (?)

Razor Dance


Wall of Death

Teddy was just great in providing backup vocals during the 2nd half of the set. There's just something about the way blood relations can do harmony! Highlights included I Feel So Good and VBL. RT's got this amazing way of splitting the guitar, using a pick on the top (low-sounding) strings to provide the accompaniment for the melody that he's working out with the 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers. VBL is even more intricate than on R&S, and on I Feel So Good, he really had a great workup on that. I personally feel that he's now even better than Leo Kottke and some other heroes of mine on acoustic.

Just before the Left Banke number (I _think_ it's the She May... song on the list), he asked for requests in a half-joking manner. Since Dave Davies is coming to Lupo's in the near furure, there were a number of people calling out "Kinks!". I think RT was surprised by the number of folks who'd wanted the kinks, and did a great impromptu medley of Sunny Afternoon and YouReally Got Me, ending right before the solo (awww....)

The setlist shows Tear(stained Letter?) as the last song, but he wrapped it up with Wall of Death. Other omissions were Lotteryland (after Dimming, but crossed out) and Brink (I don't think I know this one), which was going to be just before She May. This is apparently the list for the 10/30 show, slightly modified.

All in all, a terrific show.

Joe Hartley 

RT - 12-11-97. Annapolis, Maryland, Ram's Head Tavern (second show)

I really can't say enough good things about the show I saw tonight. Richard was in top form musically, and in quite a good mood. He played two shows in a row, sang really well (he seems to be one of those relatively few musicians whose voice has gotten better as he/she has gotten older), and the venue (a new one in the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis area) was excellent...good sound system, good line of sight to the stage (and we had *great* seats!) all gelled beautifully and was a wonderful evening.

BTWW, those of you in the area who have the opportunity to attend this venue when your favorite artists come along should make the effort! It's a really good place to see an intimate performance.

I could only afford one show, so for a change, I went for the second show

(I'm a day person normally).

The set list is as follows:

Richard solo:

Turning Of The Tide

Walking On A Wire

Two Left Feet

Bathsheba Smiles

Cold Kisses

Jimmy Shands ( with obligatory audience sing-along. He decided to "pick" on people from the DC area, and there were a number of us in the crowd. We handled our chorus quite well, I thought! ;) *We* in this case was Pam Winters and Gina Thompson, besides myself) at our table, and I'm sure there were other listmembers scattered throughout the audience (Jake Quinn, for instance) who contributed.
Last Shift (mention of Danny Thompson here) 

1952 Vincent Black Lightning

God Loves A Drunk (I think this was an audience request) 

I Feel So Good

Then Teddy came out.

Crawl Back Under My Stone (new one, which I liked a lot) 

A Heart Needs A Home

She May Call You Up Tonight (Left Banke song...his comment was "one of the few cover versions we do)"

Teddy did a song of his own whose name I missed but it may have been Brink Of Love since it ended with the word "love" and those words were in the chorus. They did Razor Dance together (I think), then Richard did Beeswing, Teddy did what I assume was one of his songs, Days In The Park, and they finished up with Tear-Stained Letter...or at least, that's when I stopped writing things down...sorry! He came out for one encore...we tried for another but were unsuccessful.

Help me out, those of you who were there, if I forgot anything, please!

Lots of asides to the audience, largely humorous. He did honor some audience requests, although he hinted that they would do "Wall Of Death" but didn't (again, apparently done at the first show since Jake stayed for both of them and could verify this). I was hoping for "I Misunderstood" and asked for it...but didn't get it (again, done first show). As previously noted, Teddy sings very well, and did a great job providing harmonies on those tunes that required it. He largely played rhythm guitar throughout, quite competently. 

His own material, also as previously noted, was more of the singer-songwriter variety, although the last one, Days In The Park, seemed to have some of the darker mood that RT's stuff often has (RT sang harmony on this one).

We hung around afterwards and he did come out to sign autographs and chat with those fans who stayed behind...seemed in quite good spirits and one didn't feel particularly rushed when talking to him. BTW, for those of you interested in headwear, he had the beret on during the performance, but sported a baseball style denim cap sans logo when he came out to sign autographs.

Debbie Skolnick

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