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Australian Tour 97.

This list is incomplete, I would welcome input from anyone who can fill in the gaps, especially for the Perth show. Contact email

Richard Thompson interviews ,broadcasts and recordings .

   Although Richard Thompson does not approve of fans recording his concerts , he does make up for this by providing at least one radio broadcast when he tours and he is usually up for a radio interview or two as well .The 1997 Australasian tour was no exception ,with 50 and 60 minute Radio broadcasts of concerts in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some interviews on ABC and Zap radio. A few shows were also recorded by fans and can be traded if you look around enough, but please don't pester me for them as I can't provide you with the recordings .

Recordings known to exist of the 97 tour .
Womad .Adelaide 3-1-97. 45 minute set .
I Misunderstood.*

Jimmy  Shands.*

I Feel So Good. *

Ghost Of You Walks*

1952 Vincent Black Lightning.*

Two Left Feet

* Indicates broadcast on ZAP Fm community radio.

the rest of the set exists as an audience tape. 

Womad 3-2-97. Audience recording 45 mins 

Easy There, Steady Now

Hide It Away

Waltzing's for Dreamers

Dog eat Dog

Shoot Out The Lights

Bright Lights Tonight

Al Bowlley's in Heaven

Wall of Death


The Basement Sydney. 3-4-97. 

Turning Of The Tide.

I Misunderstood. 

Ghost Of You Walks.

Al Bowlley's In Heaven 

1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

Galway To Graceland. 

Easy There Steady Now. 

Waltzing's For Dreamers.

Dog Eat Dog In Denmark. 


Wall Of Death. 

50 mins 

Setlist incomplete.

AM broadcast ABC Radio National 
: Live On Stage.

The Three Tenors-Wainright ,Thompson R & Thompson D

Waltzing Matilda. 

This last track was broadcast AM Radio National 
: The Music Show

Australian radio interviews.

AM: 2-15-97. The Music Show . Radio National.

A 15 minute interview , no live studio cuts , album version of Sam Jones .

FM : 3-1-97. Adelaide.Botanic Park. ZAP FM

RT was interviewed directly after his performance on stage 2. No live cuts, interview lasts around 10 mins.

Excellent FM and Am  tapes exist of these interviews.


New Zealand
AM broadcast NZ radio, Womad possibly 3-8-97
Easy There, Steady  Now.

Waltzing's For Dreamers.

Hide It Away. 

Ghost Of You Walks. 

Jimmy Shands

Turning Of The Tide.

Al Bowlley's In Heaven.

1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

Dimming Of The Day. 

I Misunderstood.

Dog Eat Dog In Denmark.


     To my knowledge there are no other recordings of the 97 tour in circulation , however, this does NOT mean that there are not more in the hands of collectors or radio stations . The ABC would very likely have recorded the whole of The Basement show , but inquiries as to its existence have been fruitless so far.

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