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Rhayader Fayre Free Festival .

May 1st-31st 1976.


Press coverage .

    No surprises as to the flippant tone of this Tabloid coverage of the Rhayader festival. However, its probably preferable to the rancid rabble rousing tones adopted by Fleet street in the 1980s towards travellers and practitioners of alternative lifestyles.

Rise and shine, it’s a rude awakening for the nudes of hippie valley
And that’s the end of the nudes.

    It’s the end of a dream for 300 happy nudes of Hippie Valley. And a two week idyll in the sunshine vanishes in the cold , gray light of dawn as the bleary eyed shivering children of nature are told by police. Move along there please

 The happy hippies found their Garden Of Eden beside the Elan Valley reservoir in North Wales at the beginning of this month. They moved in and promptly stripped off
At first the authorities turned a blind eye, but then their attitudes cooled with the weather.
 The water board complained that the hippies were polluting the reservoir and won a court quit order . And yesterday 400 police roiled up at the site in a cold drizzle to enforce it.
  They rousted the shivering hippies out of their wigwams and tents and found that peace and love he gone undercover. For they were all wearing pyjamas and nighties to beat the cold.

Three hours later the site was empty and a golden adventure was all wrapped up.


(left ) Wakey wakey, a sleeping hippie is roused

So tired
Yawning girls wrap up against the cold.

Daly Mirror July 14th 1976.


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