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The Basement . Sydney.




Turning Of The Tide.

I Misunderstood. 

Ghost Of You Walks.

Al Bowlley's In Heaven 

1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

Galway To Graceland. 

Easy There Steady Now. 

Waltzing's For Dreamers.

Dog Eat Dog In Denmark. 



Wall Of Death. 

50 mins 

Setlist incomplete.

AM broadcast ABC Radio National 
: Live On Stage.

The Three Tenors-Wainright ,Thompson R & Thompson D

Waltzing Matilda. 

This last track was broadcast AM Radio National 
: The Music Show

Audience tapes of the entire show exist, but I have yet to encounter one,  if you can provide a copy for me to review, or a review yourself , contact -Contact email


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