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2-19-97. Review By Max.
    First of all thanks to Shane for the marvellous transcriptions. I couldn't get to meet any list members at last nights gig due to my arrival time & having to leave as soon as it finished. 
The only RT Shirt ( band tour) I saw was beside me and he was taping the show on a Sony DAT. Naughty man. The show was in a small theatre about 20 seats across, maybe 40 deep plus a balcony. I was surprised no one was searched for DATs & cameras on the way in as they were in evidence during the concert. Anyway scheduled start 7:30, actually started somewhat later by surprise guest Margaret Roadknight. She is an Australian blues/jazz bit of everything type singer. 
   After she finished Loudon came on and soon had most of the audience enjoying his show. He did a mix of amusing songs (including on about the Hubble Telescope & one about thinking you are a young man but looking like shit in the mirror) and some serious ones about parenthood. As a Loudon newbie I was impressed by his performance. My only complaint was he went a little long while I was chafing to see RT.

     RT was quite funny & seemed to be enjoying himself. He made a few informed local comments (& started Easy There, Steady Now playing  Waltzing Matilda intro). Told a tale about SteveVai going to a New Zealand gig from Australia and thinking it was part of Oz, totally offending his audience resulting in initial silence from them. For the clothes fetish types, dressed in Black shirt & pants, black & white patterned vest with black satin back, Dark beret (dark green?) with a badge on the forehead, and brown boots (bit hard to see them clearly). 
    I don't think I have ever heard him sing so clearly before, even the RT newbies probably understood most of the lyrics. I was about 6 rows back so had a great clear view of him & DT (all dressed in black). DT was also in fine form heckling the audience when they made requests he didn't like. They knocked back a few requests (Crazy Man Michael etc) as too hard. Did some stunningly different versions of a lot of the songs including RT at times mixing solos & breaks from other songs into the middle. The DT bass work on Ghosts In The Wind (in particular) was stunning. 

All in all a great performance, so great to finally see him in Brisbane (or Lisbourne as he kept calling it to stir people up).


Excellent Dat aud tapes exist of this show, to my knowledge no soundboard recording is in circulation.

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