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Stage 4.

Saturday 2-18-01.

    The Habbibis performing on stage four , around about one o'clock.

      Stage four is one of the new stages located near the Festival village and once again its ideally situated beneath a pair of gum trees. Its also ringed by other stands of trees including some very elegant Elms, which provide pools of deep shade and every time I ventured near this stage , a major portion of the audience were stretched out under this protective canopy , a very sensible strategy that prevailed for most of the weekend during the daylight hours.

Stage four

    Other acts to perform at this stage were Perth act -The John Butler Trio, Fourplaly String Quartet, Chemrani Zab Trio Calo Calo, Brazza, Djivan Gasparyan ,Iyer Brothers , Giles Apap , The Benning Brothers, Oliver Mtukudzi and Meng Pichenda.

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