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Stages and environs.

Stage 2. Sunday 2-18-01.

     Control area. The soundboard, light and sound stage around about noon on Sunday inbetween sets.

      Stage two was the second largest of the seven performance areas. Its sound quality was probably the best of all the stages , but you needed to be right in front to get the best , it had little penetration at the sides of the area , if you were unlucky enough to come late to the start of a show and were about 10 metres to the side of the system the sound became a bit distant, whereas stage One was sufficiently loud enough to provide excellent sound for quite a distance if one was standing at the extreme sides of the stage , although it may have not quite possessed the same degree of clarity that stage two possessed at its very best- ie: for Richard Thomson and The Afro Celt Sound System .

Stage two, intimate -yet large enough for the middle order acts.

     Stage two was the place where you could see a mix of well known headliners as well as the acts that needed a more intimate setting for them to work. The Afro Celt Sound System were a big draw yet again and as you can see , they once more got the crowd all worked up over their hot drumming, dancing and steamy mixes .

  Other acts to appear on this stage were Fruit, Richard Thompson, Natesan Raman , Nabarlek, Jimmy Little, Carlos Nunez ,Taikoz, and Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits, who were a standout act on Sunday night .



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