The Pass Out.

  This is an interesting term , especially in this context. Does it refer to the fact that having  of one of these little cards allowed you to literally pass out, - due to over - consumption, lack of sleep or the narcotic effects of listening to Joe Jammer or Donovan for many hours - or does it mean you could leave the festival and then pass out outside the fences , due to the ill affects of all the above , or does it simply mean you could leave and then come back for more punishment  ? After 30 years, who knows ? Probably all of them and a few more I can't think of .

  What I am sure of is that these cards usually were used as a way of making lots of money for those on the gates , as security people sold them to punters and pocketed the cash. I mean , in this sort of chaos , who could keep track of the pass outs  ?

  A handful of these little beauties could mean a pocketful of readies for those who were lucky enough to be picked out as security personnel.

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Ross Mortimore's streaming Quicktime movie of the crowd features clear images of the stage PA , Colosseum onstage and bikers with Canned Heat at Bath as a soundtrack provided courtesy of Bob C .

Bandwidth and copyright restrictions mean we cant host audio/video so you will have to do with stills at the moment until we can do an alternative stream elsewhere. Please don't bug us to add it , we will do it when we have the time.

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