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Last updated April 2008 .

Womadelaide 2006.

10-12th March 2006 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Recordings and set lists.

    For most of the history of Womadelaide the good old Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( affectionately known as Auntie ) has documented the festival. However there have been lapses and rather strange turns in policy ( mostly due to budget cuts ) so there are gaps. Also, the ABC only ever set up recording facilities on stages 1-3 and some of the more interesting acts have appeared elsewhere. So its been left to tapers to fill the gaps here and there.

   Now we at the archive do not condone the unofficial taping of shows , especially for commercial gain, but we are an historical archive so we believe that its part of our function to let people know what music has been preserved over the years by whatever means . We present this list in that spirit , we do not know where you can acquire these recordings , whether they be TV , FM, AM or audience recordings and we will not help anyone in their search to acquire them , so please don't waste your time asking as we won't reply- unless you have some official research project you want help with .

2006 Recordings

  A "bitser" year . The ABC returned with a full TV crew and the festival was reasonably documented on the ABC 2 digital TV station with a number of half hour- 15 minute sets being screened. The radio coverage was patchy . Orchestra Baobab, Bottine Souriante and Sharon Shannon seem to have been the only decent length recordings broadcast. Fortunately a few audience recordings have also surfaced to help fill in a bit more of the overall picture .

Clair Bowditch and the Feeding set

03-12-06 Botanic Park Adelaide. Zoo Stage .\

TV broadcast 10 minutes.

Kanda Bongo Man

03-12-06 Botanic Park Adelaide. Stage One

TV broadcast 30 minutes.

Jimmy Cliff

03-12-06 Botanic Park Adelaide. Stage One

TV broadcast 30 minutes. ( mostly interviews with about five minutes of his performance)

The Dhol Foundation

03-10-06 Botanic Park Adelaide. Stage One

TV broadcast 30 minutes.

Partial setlist :Come Dance With The Dawn Players, Big Drum Small World, Shin The Mechanic, After The Rain,

Amjad Ali Khan
3-10-06 Womadelaide

Audience source 50 minutes

Eitetsu Hayashi

03-11-06 Botanic Park Adelaide. Stage One

TV broadcast 15 minutes.

Partial setlist : Sanzetsu , Nebuta

Paul Kelly and the Saltwater Boys

3-10-06 Botanic Park Adelaide stage One .

AM - Music Deli 30 minutes

TV broadcast 30 minutes.

Partial setlist : Deeper Water , Our Sunshine, Rally Round the Drum, Birmingham Fling ,Out the Door, If I could Start Today Again ,When I First Met Your Ma ,Careful What You Pray For, Song Of The Old Rake, Gravy,( song order is probably incorrect -set finishes with Gravy )

La Bottine Souriante

AM - Music Deli 50 minutes


TV broadcast 30 minutes.

Partial setlist : Cartinna, Fitico Funana ,Vazulina’
ABC radio broadcast

Joe Camilleiri and Nicky Bomba

03-11-06 Botanic Park Adelaide. Stage Two

TV broadcast 15 minutes.

Partial setlist: Thats My Lover. I'm Stoned.

Miriam Makeba

Oh Mama

ABC radio broadcast

Musafir Gypsies

3-11-06 Stage One

TV broadcast 30 minutes.

Orchestra Baobab

ABC radio broadcast 50 minutes

TV broadcast 30 minutes.

Partial setlist : Ndango 10'03" Bul Ma Min 7'53" Gnawoa 7'03"
ABC Music Deli

Saltwater Band

3/12/06 Botanic Park Womadelaide Stage Two

TV broadcast 8 minutes.

Sharon Shannon and Friends
3/11/06 Botanic Park Womadelaide
Stage One

Audience source 50 minutes

ABC radio broadcast

Setlist : ? ,Melton Mowbray Shuffle ,Blessings Of Gold , The Loch Arbour Belter , The Road to Carnedale ,Waterman's, Anneka , Reels , Slip Jig & Jig , The Second Star > The Mason's Apron , The Glens of Aherlow, Trip To Herves , Music for A Found Harmonium, Farewell to Whalley Range

Sharon Shannon : accordions, Dezi Donnelly: fiddle, Jim Murray : guitar , Michael McGoldrick: flute.

Dr L Subramaniam

ABC radio broadcast 20 minutes,more probably exists

Kriti’:Tyagajara - improvisation.

If you have any reviews of Womadelaide 2006, or photos you took and want hosting , whether of bands or the grounds, Contact us and we will add them to the site.

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