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4-6th March 2005 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

The All Star Jam.

Stage Two March 6th.

   With Yair Dalal , Silvia Encheva , Richie Havens and members of Zap Mama, Lo Jo, Jim Moray Band and (unfortunately ) the aptly named Patrick Duff and his partner in musical crime Alex Lee .

   The jam was generally very good, especially when Richie Havens joined in and they launched into a gentle mystical groove, with two violins , courtesy of Yair Dalal and the violinist from Les Yeux Noirs, the addition of a member from Zap Mama gave the jam a boost, her vocals, underpinned by a bass profundo delivered by one of the members of Lojo, gave the jam an otherworldly feel,as the violins meandered in and out of the mix, Silvia Encheva leant her keening voice to a wordless improvisation for a minute or so, it wasn't to last however, as the whole thing came to an abrupt halt when messr's Duff and Lee took to the stage , their chorus of " clap your hands we're all gonna die " just did not suit the mood. Laughter ensued as the jam petered out when the goons dropped in their chorus, but the master came to the rescue as Richie launched into a rousing version of " freedom " . I guess the mixer dropped out the mics to Duff and Lee as they could not be heard for the rest of the jam.

As the compere said, "every year its so different " and thats what keeps me coming back, there have been one or two that have really taken off , as in 2007 and again in 2004, this was one of the inbetween ones, but it certainly had its magic moments......

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