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5-7th March 2004 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.


Recordings and set lists.

    For most of the history of Womadelaide the good old Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( affectionately known as Auntie ) has documented the festival. However there have been lapses and rather strange turns in policy ( mostly due to budget cuts ) so there are gaps. Also, the ABC only ever set up recording facilities on stages 1-3 and some of the more interesting acts have appeared elsewhere. So its been left to tapers to fill the gaps here and there.

   Now we at the archive do not condone the unofficial taping of shows , especially for commercial gain, but we are an historical archive so we believe that its part of our function to let people know what music has been preserved over the years by whatever means . We present this list in that spirit , we do not know where you can acquire these recordings , whether they be TV , FM, AM or audience recordings and we will not help anyone in their search to acquire them , so please don't waste your time asking as we won't reply- unless you have some official research project you want help with .

2004 Recordings

  There were a few scattered radio broadcasts (one wonders, just why do the ABC attend the whole weekend and then broadcast so few sets ) , there was definitely a full film crew present in 2004 as the ABC broadcast a few minutes of film footage of the Youssou N'Dour set on their Womadelaide retrospective. However I have never seen a full set of any of the acts from 2004 broadcast, as they were in 2006-2007, so yet again it might have been a one off not organised by the ABC . There also may have been some other film crews there as SBS broadcast a program on the festival. A limited number of audience sourced recordings also exist .

All star Jam

03/07/04 Womadelaide 2003 with Zakir Hussain, Hamid Baroudi, Tinariwen, Sultan Khan, Ousmou Sangare and others.

Audience source 70 minutes.

Hamid Baroudi

3-6-04 Botanic Park .Womadelaide.

? , Sidi, Trance Dance, Caravan To Baghdad, Fatima, ? , Moulana (My Sweet Lord ) ,

Audience source 50 minutes.
3-7-04 Botanic Park .Womadelaide

Trance Dance , Tea In Marrakech ,Fatima , ? . ? . ?

Audience source 44 minutes.

Eliza Carthy and the Ratcatchers
3/5/04 Botanic Park .Womadelaide . Stage two

Live On Stage AM 45 minutes

03-06-04 Workshop: Botanic Park ,Womadelaide

  • Cobbler's Hornpipe
  • Lemady
  • Turpin Hero
  • Try Before You Buy
  • The Drunken Maidens
  • The Outlandish Knight
  • Just As The Tide Was Flowing
  • Willow Tree

50 minutes Audience source

03-06-04 Evening show : Botanic Park ,Womadelaide

  • Growing (The Trees They Do Grow High)
  • King James Version
  • Worcester City
  • Just As The Tide Was Flowing
  • Cobbler's Hornpipe
  • Try Before You Buy
  • Pretty Ploughboy
  • Lemady
  • Adieu, Adieu
  • Willow Tree

50 minutes Audience source

Youssou N'Dour et le Super Etoile de Dakar

3-05-04 Botanic Park Adelaide Stage One

AM source Live On Stage ABC radio 50/audience 60 minutes

Seven Seconds Away , Li Ma Weesu
Liggeey, Beykat ,New Africa.

3-07-04 Botanic Park Adelaide Stage One

Audience source 90 minutes

Bomba , New Africa, Seven Seconds , Shaking The Tree, Kora piece M'duku

Zakir Hussein, Ustad Sultan Khan, Vikku Vinayakram, Polani Shankar ,VJ Chowhan
3-05-04 Botanic Park Adelaide stage two .Womadelaide

Audience source 80 minutes .

Abdullah Ibrahim
03-07-04 Botanic Park .Womadelaide

Audience source 50 minutes

Les Hurlements de Leo !

03-05-04 Botanic Park Adelaide. Stage Three .

AM source Live On Stage ABC radio 50

The Cat Empire

3-07-04 Stage one

The Sun , How To Explain , Days Like These , The Rhythm , Two Shoes , The Chariot .

AM source Live On Stage ABC radio 50

Compilation ABC broadcasts


Awaye! went to the Womadelaide Festival and caught up with its headline act, Senegal's Youssou N'dour who talks about his community's influence on his music and being a muslim in these troubled times. We're also joined by didgeridoo specialist Mark Atkins; 5 times Grammy Award winner, Navajo flautist R. Carlos Nakai and Oki Kano an Indigenous Ainu man from northern Japan. They all perform live for us in the Radio National broadcast tent at the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide.

The Music show

6th March, 2004

Live performance:
Title: Bateau Espagnol
Les Hurlements de Leo Live performance:

Try before you buy
Comp. Eliza Carthy
Perf. Eliza Carthy, vocal
John Spiers, melodeon
Jon Boden, fiddle
Ben Ivitsky, guitar

Interview guest: Eliza Carthy

Title: Harley Davidson
Les Hurlements de Leo

Guest: Oki Kano
[includes short performance on the tonkori]

Perf. Savinna Yannatou, vocal
Kostas Vomvolos, kanoun
Dur: 2.00Guests: Savina Yannatou & Kostas Vomvolos

Live performance and interview:Guests: Zakir Hussein, tablas & Sultan Khan, sarangi

Oumou Sangare

Stage two?

AM source Live On Stage ABC radio 50 minutes .

03-06-04 Botanic Park .Stage One .Womadelaide .

AM source 50 minutes

03-07-04 Botanic Park .Stage Two .Womadelaide.

Audience source 50 minutes

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