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Last update Sept 4th 2003

Rock at the Oval.

The Oval , Kennington .


Frank Zappa ,Hawkwind,Beck,Bogart and Appice,Linda Lewis,Man ,Biggles ,Sam Apple Pie ,Quiver.

MC Kid Jensen.


Recordings -Set lists .

Frank Zappa

  • Long Soundcheck/intro
  • Big Swifty
  • The Adventures Of Gregory Peccary
  • The Grand Wazoo
  • Dog Meat
  • Penis Dimension
  • Regyptian Strut

    Audience recording 90 minutes .B+

    20 piece band .

Beck Bogart and Appice.

  • Hi Ho Silver Lining
  • Over Under Sideways Down

    looking for rest of set list !

Audience recording 60 mins B+.

Man and the Gwalia Male Voice Choir .- looking for set list !


  • Born To Go
  • Master of the Universea
  • Seven By Seven
  • Silver Machine

Dave Brock ,Dik Mik,Simon King ,Lemmy ,Nik Turner, Del Dettmar ,Bob Calvert , Stacia (dance )


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