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Last update Dec 2004

Rock at the Oval.

The Oval , Kennington .


Frank Zappa ,Hawkwind,Beck,Bogart and Appice,Linda Lewis,Man ,Biggles ,Sam Apple Pie ,Quiver.

MC Kid Jensen.


    Following the success of the previous years one day outdoor bash at the Oval with The Who, the Foulk brothers decided to chance their arm by holding another one day festival at the normally sedate cricket ground. However, this time round it rained , which perhaps helped keep attendance down, as the ground was only half full despite being able to seat 15,000. The curfew of 10.00pm was exceeded which meant that Hawkwinds set was curtailed after 40 mins and the fireworkjs that were supposed to finish off the night were cancelled .

    This time round it was the turn of either Frank Zappa or Hawkwind to head the bill ( there was some confusion as to who had top billing and posters give two different versions). Hawkwind did come on last , the excuse being given that they needed to perform in the dark to make the most of their lightshow, so perhaps they did top the bill after all .......

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