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Fife Aid for Africa

5th July 1986

Craigtoun Country park

St Andrews


Runrig. Misty in Roots, Alan Stivell, The Enid, The Styng Rites, Avalon, Champion Jck Dupree , Michael Chapman ,

The McCalmans

Rab Noakes

    The first of two outdoor festivals organised by environmentalist and TV personality David Bellamy to raise funds for environmentally sustainable projects in Africa. This first festival was well attended , perhaps because it was not too ambitious and maybe also because the UK was at the height of the " Live Aid " phenomenon following the huge success in 1985 of the extravaganza at Wembley .

    Despite a lineup that was hardly full of major names, the show attracted enough patrons to make it worthwhile to hold another bash in 1988, our correspondent Stuart Fell wote " Fife Aid '86 was a glorious no frills kind of affair with very little spent and lots made. 7500 people attended Craigtoun park on July 13th and an impressive £15000 was raised £12000 of which went to the famine in Africa (I always thought it went to Live Aid trust) and £3000 went to Misty in roots charity the name of which escapes me. After the success of this festival Fife regional council had absolutely no objection to a second Fife Aid 2 years later "

Regretably this event was nowhere near as successful and a combination of incompetent stage management, lack of headline acts and bad weather led to a disastrous result , at the end of the day,in 1988 , the Fife Aid organisation was left out of pocket to the tune of 176,000 pounds.


This pic shows a healthy enough crowd at the 1986 show and decent weather conditions ! © Stuart Fell

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