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7-9th March 2003 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Recordings and set lists.

    For most of the history of Womadelaide the good old Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( affectionately known as Auntie ) has documented the festival. However there have been lapses and rather strange turns in policy ( mostly due to budget cuts ) so there are gaps. Also, the ABC only ever set up recording facilities on stages 1-3 and some of the more interesting acts have appeared elsewhere. So its been left to tapers to fill the gaps here and there.

2003 Recordings

  The Music show visited Port Fairy ( which is held on the same weekend ) and thus the coverage at 2003 was minimal, there were interviews and live performances from Cheikh Lo and Amjad Ali Khna on the March 1st show and the Aboriginal program "Awaye" visited the festival and interviewed Ernest Ranglin, King Kadu, and Toto La Momposina .The only set that seems to have been broadcast is that of Ernest Ranglin which appeared on the ' Live on Stage Show " in May 2003 .

Very curious, if the ABC sent a crew to record, why only one artist ?

   This was the year that the ABC almost deserted the festival , even the TV cameras that had covered stage one and two since 1999 had gone , there were many radio recordings made at Port Fairy in 2003, but Womadelaide missed out.

Ernest Ranglin

3/8/03 Botanic Park Adelaide stage two .

AM - Live On Stage : 50 minutes

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