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June 29th 1974.

Kevin Ayers, Nico, Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers, Kevin Coyne,Gong, Gt Moore and the Massed Reggae guitars.

The stage , GT Moore onstage © Ed Sijmons visit Ed's Flickr site to see more excellent rock/jazz pics

Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers.

Roger Chapman -vocal, tambourine

John "Charlie" Whitney-guitar

Bob Tench -guitar

Tim Hinkley -keys,

Mel Collins -sax,

Ian Wallace -drums

Phil Chen -bass.



"...the concert was excellent, what I can remember of it. They did a fantastic version of 'Hangman' still one of my favourites..."

Johnathon Inglis

Chaman Whitney © Ed Harry


Photo ©Les Robson


Roger Chapman

Photo ©Les Robson



Photo ©Les Robson


We are looking for reviews and more photographs of this concert .

An audience recording exists of Kevin Ayers performance.

Many thanks to Tim for letting us use his Gong at Hyde park 1974 photos under the creative commons license

Hyde Park London, England

Audience recording 37.26

Gong onstage at Hyde Park

Photo © Christer Backhage

  • A Sprinkling Of Clouds 8.20
  • I Never Glid Before 7.27 15.47
  • * I've Bin Stone Before >Mister Long Shanks 4.22
  • * Isle Of Everywhere > 10.31 cuts early
  • Master Builder 4.09 14.40
  • Master Builder reprise 2.36 * contains tape cuts where sections are missing
Daevid Allen Guitar, Voice
Tim Blake Synth, Voice, Trumpet
Miquette Giraudy Voice
Steve Hillage Guitar
Mike Howlett Bass
Didier Malherbe Sax, Flute

The Infamous GONG paper plate promotion

I have one of the paper plates thrown into the crowd at the Hyde Park Free Concert 29 July 1974. It is an advert ( ! ) for Gong. If I remember right they were thrown into the crowd before Gong came on.



click on the plate to read the text

Daevid Allen R.I.P






Gilli Smyth above

thanks Tim for creative commons license use !


An excerpt from an interview with Pierre Moerlen has this to say about Hyde park

Which concert, out of all the concerts in which you have performed, was the most fulfilling... (which one) did you enjoy most ?
There was a great one in Hyde Park... in '73, or '74. It was the old Gong line-up. I have an extraordinary memory of it.
Was it a big occasion?
Yes, it was very big. There were many people there...
Was it a nice day?
Oh yes, great day, sun... we came on stage and started playing - it was just magic, fantastic. Everybody played really well, the public were really with us. This one and Knebworth, but Knebworth... I don't know. I think I would say Hyde Park - that's the one which came to me straight away.

Steve Hillage

thanks Tim for creative commons license use !

From Nik Lowenberg

Kevin Ayers .... R.I.P

Kevin Ayers Hyde Park 1974 - thanks Tim for creative commons license use !


My name is Nik Lowenberg and I absolutely love your site. Great info, great pics. Keep up the good work. More to the point, I have something to contribute...I have a tape of Gong's performance on July 29th '74.

The show is approximately 40 minutes in duration, the quality is quite listenable, I'd say B or B+, though there is lots of crowd noise between and during the beginnings of some numbers. It is after all and audience recording. By the way, the performance is wonderful. Sprinkling of Clouds and Isle of Everywhere contain great jams, and Steve Hillage's guitar really shines throughout and he does a flawless take of I Never Glid Before. Wish I could have been there to see this! ...

Thanks for your time, Nik Lowenberg

From Jeremy Smith

Its all so long ago and I was tripping but the Kevin Ayers concert was a bloody good day out.
Memories are few but what I still have are:
Nico singing "The End". It went on and on
The whole crowd singing along with Kevin Ayers on "Shouting in a Bucket Blues"
Roger Chapman's voice being extremely jarring.
Pissing up against the fence outside the Hyde Park police station in full view of the "pigs"
I think that four of us went and we got split up, anyway, I remember a fairly strange journey home with the whole tube system full of freaks.
Sorry its not more


Ollie Halsall

thanks Tim for creative commons license use !

Kevin Ayers does a bit of light reading whilst waiting to go onstage

Mass outbreak of plate throwing during someones set ....© Ed Sijmons visit Ed's Flickr site to see more excellent rock/jazz pics

Audience © Christer Backhage

Kevin Coyne ..... R.I.P


A grand total of two recordings for this one - one from the audience of relatively poor quality and one from the soundboard - reputedly excellent quality.
Kevin Coyne solo (*) Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Rick Dodd (tenor sax), Tim Penn (keyboards) and Terry Slade (drums).
Mad Boy * 2:56
Mummy 6:18
Marjory Razorblade Suite 8:22  [same as V-The Virgin Sampler]
Let's Have a Party (J-M Robinson) 3:12
Poor Swine 4:55
Need Somebody 5:33
Chicken Wing 4:25
Booggie Chillun (J-L Hooker) 6:32  [unreleased]

Stills taken from an OGWT broadcast which suggests there may be more video of this whole concert out there somewhere....

Nico was slow-handclapped off the stage as she was so bloody depressing on such a nice sunny day.
Any other memories are rather hazy now but I do remember jumping on a bus in bare feet......

Beverley Reynolds

The crowd © Ed Sijmons visit Ed's Flickr site to see more excellent rock/jazz pics

Just a quick note: I was present at this great event (I was just 17!). The memories of it are still fairly vivid, even if I can't remember what tracks were being played by the artists - apart from Nico's "The End" of course! I have a paper plate that was thrown out into the audience which has printing on it concerning GONG! The plate was then signed by Nico, several members of Streetwalkers and Alvin Lee (who didn't perform). I also have a few small colour photos that might be possible to display on your site at a later date. These picture Streetwalkers, Kevin Coyne, Kevin Ayers, Gong and (possibly) G.T. Moore.
Christer Bäckhage
Gunnilse, SWEDEN.

Kevin Coyne goes to ground

Yes, I was a young American guy traveling around Europe that spring and summer of '74. Hitching mainly. South in France some people turned me onto Gong. And I was just blown away. I got to London sometime in late June...I forget. And hit the park. I was a little solitary, but I enjoyed the nice July 29th eve. I've always liked Family (Streetwalkers) but can't recall them playing...what a fuck up I am. Nico went on & on with what seemed like heroin...but i couldn't figure it out.

Kevin Coyne singing Marjory Razorblade

Gong was just great. I can remember Pierre Morelan's drum rhythms were just so powerful and synchopated..."On the Road" like Kerouac...yeah, it was such a great concert. Didn't have any money so I didn't drink or have any pot. It probably would've been even greater. And I didn't take any fucking pics. what a nerd ball I was. Or maybe it was that travel Europe on $10.00 a day mentality I had. Ah what the fuck! It was super anyway...Long live those who search for new sounds...sure ain't happening much in this day & age...



Chapman Whitney © Christer Backhage


Kevin Ayers, Gong, Nico

Love your site, thought everyone else had forgotten that day.

I have photos somewhere; if I can find and scan them I’ll send them to you.

I can still see Nico playing The End. It was the most haunting moment of the afternoon. She seemed to be squeezed in between sets, just played the one song and then vanished without fanfare. I will never forget it.

Tim Greig

This is like unravelling my brain to see what’s in there……………….not much from my recall. Thank God I took a few photos or I’d not have remembered I was there at all.

I DO remember Kevin Ayers well though – and Jesus !

The Kev gig I was at was the 1974 one – it kept coming up as 1970 with Pink Floyds and I know I didn’t see the Floyd until they did THE WALL.

So persistence has paid off – I was at the Gong gig and did see Kevin Ayers with Nico (although I think she only did one or two songs). In fact I can hardly remember her and I was a big Velvets fan.

Can you help me track down the audience recording – I’d really love it. I do trade some real rare Todd Rundgren and Zappa if you are interested, or know someone who is.

Thanks again.


GT Moore© Christer Backhage

I travelled up to this concert from South Wales on my own, just 4 weeks after a few of us had travelled up for the June 1st 1974 ACNE concert.

I arrived early but the stage had been set up and they had some records being played for the then sparse crowd. I saw Jesus down at the front already boogieing away. Jesus was an idiot dancer who attended all the festivals and had been pictured in the MM or NME at various festivals.

It was dull and overcast and then it happened - one of those absolutely magical moments. The DJ played 'Here Comes The Sun' and the clouds were pushed back and we were bathed in glorious sunshine during the song. Magic!

GT Moore & the Reggae guitars kicked off. To a parochial like myself, I always looked around for skinheads when reggae was played - this was back in '74 remember. I'm not too sure Kevin Coyne's 'darker' music was right for an outdoor concert in the sunshine. I was a bit disappointed in Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers - I loved Family and perhaps it was unfair to compare them while they were breaking in a new rhythm section.

Gong, wonderful Gong were fantastic - a lot of praise should go to their 'switch doctors' (sound engineers) as their blend of glissando, sax and space whispers spread across Hyde park. I think this was my favourite Gong line-up. I thought someone had spiked my drink when it looked as if I was seeing the stage through one of those machines that have ping-pong balls in them with bingo numbers on them but the 'balls' spread around and turned out to be the paper plates with the poem on them. Nico didn't go down a storm - again I don't think her music was suited to an outdoor festival on a sunny day.

Kevin Ayers © Christer Backhage

Kevin Ayers came on to wrap up the proceedings, as usual with Kevin there was a false start. This time due to him getting electric shocks off the mic - "This mic is fucking shocking!". His band, The Soporifics, were on good form Archie Leggett creating earthquakes of bass riffs and Ollie Halsall was just about the hottest guitarist around at that time. The highlight of their set for me was the old Ayers song from the Softs first album, 'We did it again'. There were a few additional people up on stage jamming during this - Nico on tambourine and Pierre Moerlen on sax. Whatever, it got everyone up on their feet. All in all a pretty wonderful day.

Bill Tasker

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