Yungchen Lhamo & The Tibetan Monks. 

   In addition to the Tibetan monks , (seen here on Sunday afternoon ) there were the stellar performances by the lovely Yungchen Lhamo, who entranced the late night Saturday night audience at stage three with a 40 min set during which you could literally hear a pin drop !. 

       I have never seen a festival crowd so committed and enthralled , even the kids were quiet! And all this was solo, no accompaniment whatsoever ! The purity of her voice has to be heard to be believed. Possibly the only acts to come near this level of crowd intensity have been Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Shiela Chandra way back in 1993.
If you have never seen Yungchen, seek her out, she has some amazing stories to tell about her life and her displaced people.
This lady and her fellow Tibetans  have suffered enough -

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