Site Photos 2. Flags and Crowd Kinetics

Its a very special occasion , when it all kicks in , when Babba Maal is playing, the sun is out the wet flags are kicking, suddenly it all goes gooey and this fantastic moment occurs, but it occurs over three days.  You have this incredibly rich diverse experience . Its like travelling around the world in three days but staying in your own town.
-Angus Watt( Womad visual artist)
left : This year the flags that greeted concert goers as they arrived at stage one were a real talking point and over the weekend the weather and arena lighting provided them with a continually changing visual aspect. Wonderful kinetic art !.
Right- Womad visual art director Angus Watt, he created the flags , congrats Angus !
This photo doesn't do this scene justice, it was during Baaba's Sat night show and there was a sea of glittering , moving streamers being waved by this section of the audience that was absolutely awe inspiring. Probably 500 people had gathered here in a spontaneous display of crowd kinetics that matched that of the flags behind them
At night, the site has a wonderful atmosphere, the stages surrounded by the majestic trees and the crowd outlined by the floodlights.

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