Trilok Gurtu & the Glimpse.

   Trilok Gurtu and the Glimpse, stage 1 Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately this set was spoilt to some extent by a poor mix. For both days there were long delays as they tried to get his mike mix set up correctly .An overly officious road manager also created some unpleasant vibes which were evident to the audience. 

   The Saturday night show was the better of the two, with the sound suited to the smaller venue. This is music that shifts hugely in its dynamics and the sound quality is very important. I'm a big Trilok fan, but I must admit I prefer his work with McLaughlin and others to this present incarnation. Still, any Trilok is better then none and his superb percussion skills and ultra fast vocal improvisations were very rewarding. Hopefully the ABC will broadcast one of these shows ,as they missed him out on both the radio and Tv specials due to the long waits for the sound to be readied. 

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