Baaba Maal. 

      Ah Baaba , he came, he played, he conquered! He broke many female hearts. He danced, he sang, he had a brilliant band who played their proverbial backsides off. He converted the vast majority of the crowd into fans in about 10 minutes. He was,simply, freaking amazing in almost very way !

      Yes , I was impressed, Baaba is ,without doubt , one of the best African performers on the planet, and definitely one of the best ever Womadelaide guests. Surpassed only by Selif Keita's 1993 band , (who were just astronomically good ), this unit was a joy to behold, with a great deal of stage horseplay, astonishing dancing, blindingly fast rythmic sections and some great sax and Kora playing .He also featured a short acoustic set where he sang a couple of tunes that hsi grandmother taught him, and this was most effective , I found it very touching and a good couinterpoint to the frenzy of most of the rest of his act.Most of the Saturday night concert is available as a radio broadcast and about 20 minutes was aired as part of the ABC TV special.
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