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Emerson does nasty things to his poor Hammond

And then lays back and wails to the accompaniment of The Drone.

Whilst on drums we have the dextrous Blinky Davidson

And on bass - Mr Lee Jackson.......

Both of whom regretably disappeared into the mists of obsurity , whilst The Emerson became a mega star - for a while at least ....

Davy O'List had left by the time these pics were taken , his departure made the overall sound of the band less varied . He presumably objected to the move towards using classical pieces as the basis for the bands music .

Listening to their abums now, I can still enjoy both the early stuff and most of the later classical based numbers . Emerson in particular I feel has largely wasted his talent, he had a really fine jazzy feel to quite a lot of his playing , such as the piano parts on  Hang on to a Dream, which has now almost completely evaporated. As for the Classical stuff- The Karelia Suite works nicely in my opinion as do the Brandenburg pieces from Ars Longa Vita Brevis.

Really, The Nice were only taking the classical fusion one step further than the likes of the jazz pianist Jaques Loussier , who used Bach as the basis for his improvisations . Overall I think it was a relatively successful experiment, although I know there are many who would disagee, to which I say -Yah, Boo, Sucks !.

C'mon lads how about reforming for a farewell tour ? If Yes can do so , I'm sure you could .At least it would pay for Blinky and Lee's pension schemes, somehow I doubt Keith needs the cash but it would be a Nice gesture on his part to aid the lads in their old age...........

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