Taken from the FWS report 1982
Stonehenge Free Festival, Midsummer Solstice, 1982
June 18-29th 1982

Field Worker's Notes.

Stonehenge was by far the largest free festival held this year, at times stretching over five fields with maximum estimated attendances of 17,000 to 20,000.

The first arrivals were as early as June 7th, but the |main attendance was over the Solstice period. 135 vehicles left the site in convoy for Greenham Common on June 30th.

92 arrests were reported by June 24th and welfare groups were busy for the duration of the festival, although there was no serious trouble except a fight one night.

FWS held discussions with the Department of the Environment, and police before the festival and maintained liaison throughout.

A news sheet was issued to inform people of what was going on, show site plans, request motorists and bikers to drive slowly, to put rubbish in piles for collection, where to find lost kids, not to cut live wood, etc.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard at the festival and to Andrew Wort for organising the loan of a large marquee for use as a "quiet tent" and for assistance with bore hole digging.

Penny Mellor,

Field Worker.

Henge 1982