Taken from the FWS report 1981

Stonehenge 1981.
ST JOHN AMBULANCE REPORT Stonehenge 12 - 22nd June, 1981.
During the planning stages of Stonehenge 1981 and after consultation with the Wiltshire Police, it was decided that the medical services should be situated in a position which gave easy access so as to avoid last years situation when we were completely hemmed in. It was agreed that we should place our post along the main road.

It was decided to change certain aspects regarding the running of this venture, one being the funding would this year be undertaken by South Area St. John Ambulance, so as to avoid putting pressure on any one Division.

The general management would be under the direction of Area Supt. "A" supported by Staff Officers. A petrol account was opened at Highpost Filling Station, as this was away from Amesbury and would reduce any chance of confusion with petrol stations serving any divisions. An account was also opened with Amesbury Co-Operative for the purchase of food. (For feeding patients and staff). Most members, when reporting for duty, brought some food with them but it was necessary to purchase some food each day.

The equipment was loaned from various establishments. Two ambulances and a caravan from Amesbury Division. (Due to a heavy duty commitment, it was necessary to use ambulances from Salisbury, Devizes and Warminster from time to time), the mobile unit from Salisbury Division and two marquees from Youth and Community Service. (Originally we were to use the Salisbury Health District Marquee, but it was damaged a few day before Stonehenge). These were used, one as a five bedded hospital and dressing station and the other as a kitchen and staff mess room. Electricity was supplied by a small generator loaned from Salisbury Division, but this unfortunately broke down after a short time, but thanks to the Tuffills from Devizes we were able to borrow (free of charge) another machine. Toilet facilities were of a chemical disposable type (we had to dig a big hole to dlepose).

Hospital beds were loaned from the Health District and sterile medical equipment from the C.S.S.D. (this included minor injury sets, as all suturing was carried out on site). One great improvement this year was the loan of a Wiltshire County Ambulance Radio Telephone. This I feel was one of the biggest break throughs. It gave us not only a contact with ambulance control but also a direct line to the Accident and Emergency Dept. where we could seek advice from a doctor re patient treatment.

As in previous years I organized a Doctors surgery for each evening, between 7 and 8 p.m. This was undertaken by the joint Amesbury Practise, and this enabled the surgery to be kept free of festival people. A total of 107 patients were seen by the G.P.s as temporary residents.

The staffing arrangements created the biggest problem as the size of the festival remained an unknown quantity. I was given paid leave by the Salisbury Health District. As the coordinator, I drew my staff from South Area St. John Ambulance. It was felt that the appropriate number of staff to be aimed at would be eight at any one time - the day being divided into three shifts - A.M., P.M. and a night shift. A duty officer, being myself, or a staff officer was in charge of the medical post with one trained nurse and two ambulance drivers included in eight staff - the remainder being made up of St. John volunteers. During the solstice weekend we increased the staff to twelve to cater for the suggested increase in festival goers.

During the ten days of Stonehenge, a total of 1,278 patients attended a medical centre. These had various conditions ranging from sunburn and minor cuts to serious injury like fractured skull and an open chest wound. A baby girl (7 lb 21 oz) was delivered in one of our ambulances on the first Wednesday.
A total of eight fractures were treated, and it was necessary to admit thirty patients to hospital.

I would like to thank Salisbury Health District D.M.T. Mr. D. Blackshaw, S.N.O. Old Manor Hospital, Chief Inspector : A. Morrison, Area Commissioner South Area St. John Ambulance, Station Supt. M. Thompson and members of South Area St. John Ambulance for all their help, advice and support, which made this ; marnrnoth duty a success.
D .J. Nobb.s. Nursing Officer, O.M.H.

Casualty Analysis Stonehenge Festival 1981

Sunburn -253
Hayfever -150
Cuts/burns Han
ds, Arms -136
Headache -127
D' and or v'-121
Cuts/burns Feet/Legs -108
Eye - 65
Sore Throat -29
Toothache- 23
Chapped Lips-18
Dog bites-16
Rashes (Assorted) -14
Common Cold -13
Cuts/'burns Trunk- 9
Dysmenorrhea - 8
Cystitis - 8
Sprains /Ankle -7
Mouth Ulcers - 6
Constipation - 5
Asthma - 4
Coughs - 4
Abdomina1 Injuries/Pain- 4
Earache- 3
Bee /wasp stings -3
Head injuries-concussion-2
Epileptic Fits -2
Pregnacy complication-2/12-1
Child birth-1
Body lice-1
Mentally ill -1

Casual Attendance 1177
Seen by G.P. 101
Total 1278

To S.G. I. -28
To 0.M.H. -2
Tet Tox -12
Suturing- 4

TO HOSPITAL 7th July, 1981