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Updated July 2010

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CND /Friends of the Earth free concert and rally.

Hyde Park


April 25th 1987.

Style Council, Billy Bragg , The Communards,

Gil Scott Heron, Steve White, Junior.

Waiting for" the balloon to go up"...© Nick Hider

Unknown band onstage Hyde Park April 25th 1987 © Nick Hider

( visit Nicks Flickr site to view more great photos from this era )

    Another almost forgotten event - at least net wise , do a search and see what you can find ! But this was a BIG event, with a crowd of between 80-1000,000 , who gathered to commemorate the first anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which cost an estimated 200.000 billion to cleanup. Those of you who advocate Nuclear power need to grok on this for a bit and also consider the 70 billion its cost to decommision the UK nuclear plants so far ......

Joan Ruddo. © John Fox

We dont know who this lot are- obviously a choir of some sort ! © Nick Hider


Another unknown band (above ) and Billy Bragg ( right ) © Nick Hider


Billy Bragg © Nick Hider


© Nick Hider


Recordings and setlists.

Billy Bragg

  • Valentine's Day Is Over

It doesn't look as if any other sets were recorded and its unlikely that the Bragg set was either as this is an incomplete list , probably compiled from a press report. ......

Gil Scott Heron © John Fox

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