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28th Feb -2nd March 1997.Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Recordings and set lists.

    For most of the history of Womadelaide the good old Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( affectionately known as Auntie ) has documented the festival. However there have been lapses and rather strange turns in policy ( mostly due to budget cuts ) so there are gaps. Also, the ABC only ever set up recording facilities on stages 1-3 and some of the more interesting acts have appeared elsewhere. So its been left to tapers to fill the gaps here and there.

1997 Recordings

 No filming but quite a lot of audio recordings - mostly from the radio , which featured broadcasts at the time of the festival from ZAP FM as well as ABC FM and AM radio .

Afro Celt Sound System.
Womadelaide Stage One 3-1-97

FM JJJ radio 16 mins

Womadelaide Stage Two 3-2-97

FM 5 mins

03-02-/97 Botanic Pk Adelaide

FM source 20 minutes.

Salif Keita

03-01-97 Womadelaide Stage One

  • Africa
  • Nou Pas Bouger
  • Lony

Partial set 50 minute AM - Sunday concert and JJJ


2-28-97 Womadelaide Stage One

  • Bagpipe Tunes
  • The Eye Wifey (fades)

JJJ and Zap FM 7 minutes


Richard Thompson

3-1-97 Womadelaide. Stage One

  • Turning of the Tide,
  • I Misunderstood,
  • Don't Sit on my Jimmy Shands,
  • I Feel So Good,
  • The Ghost of You Walks,
  • Vincent Black Lightning,
  • Ghosts in the Wind,
  • Two Left Feet

Zap FM source 20 minutes (incomplete show )

. 03-01-97 Interview. ZAP, FM ( FM > cas1>CD)



Justin Vali Trio

2-28-97 Botanic Park. Womadelaide. FM 10 minutes.
03-01- 97 Botanic Park. Womadelaide. FM 10 minutes.

If you have any photos , setlist or recording information you would like to add to this site, please don't hesitate to contact us via the main archive address . Just follow the link .

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