Watchfield freek press

A transcript of a newsletter sent to us by someone (we know not who as we have lost their original post, so cannot acknowledge them ). Anyway the newsletter was not legible enough to add to the pages so here ya go !.

    Last year people who were charging rip off prices were chased off or their prices were forced down and they were forced to pay a tariff. Great one more bridge crossed. This eyar we have a gang of large men demanding money off all traders before they come on site and traders have to keep their prices down.

BUT ,any poor people (like most of the people here ) are totally discriminated against, Eg ; The couple spent a few quid to buy hot dogs to they could make some money bu selling them cheap ( 10p) bu the heavies wouldnt let them without payment of 100 pounds.Their last money was spent getting here. Also some candle makers came from Yorkshire to sell their wares and also spent their last money getting here , can’t sell without a permit. This goes against Freak Crafts people and poor people generally , who might just want to get some things together at very cheap prices.

High taxation at a free festival ? – its not free if we are paying taxes every time we spend money . Who is responsible for levying and spending the money? The general meeting ? Our immediately recallable delegates? Not on your life. Do we need taxes when the money goes on things like installation of telephones and chemical , non-ecological bogs ( 7000 pounds)

We got it together without all this last year and at Stonehenge and at Megan this year , we didn’t need the Government, the police and insurance last year. We don’t need the Govt and its police and insurance this year. We can do it all ourselves.

Any complaints about rip of hot dogs etc, go to the IT tower ( near free food kitchen ) These profiteers are trying to make their normal profit , plus any rental that may have been charged. So ti will be US who are paying for the Police in the no go area , plus diesel for the police helicopter now situated 30 yards before the first shop on the road to the village , The candle and hot dog people will spend any bread they make ( not make ) on and at the festival. Contact them via the free press.

The concessionaries are getting our bread and the organisers are spending it . we should decide what happens on site . General meetings should happen each day by one of the stages.

Ps: deadline 8PM Out on Monday

A stage announcer has said that there are many notices, Announcements are as important as music and might be more interesting.
ACID Serious acid shortage – send urgent messages out , the acid must get through . The suns almost out !
Window pane is reportedly rubbish .Some extremely doubtful blue stuff, slightly larger than microdot. Reports are coming in of pieces of spaghetti being pushed as acid so beware. Release are offering people the services of their mobile slightly crude analysis labs if you are not certain and they also have much literature regarding our little pastimes on site.


There have been no arrests for dope on site. One bust of four people for a weight off site, in court this afternoon. The drug squad man form last year has been replaced . Sems much cooler then last year.
Beware press.
( not the freek,) some have been seen going in and out of the police area.

Wasp stings
Antidote vinegar .

Gossip and Rumour sections

Eagle pub shut except for pres and councillors . Lord Melchett and local bishop are expected . Puke !
Government is chaos , anarchy is order . Fly kites and balloons to stop police Helicopters.
Wood . Firewood will be distributed form one control point by the civil Aid Kitchen. Please do not waste it as it is a very limited amount. WARNING: police are going to be looking for people ripping off wood outside site.


Rubbish will be taken away by the council from the large rubbish bins, They will not empty the little bins, If you take your rubbish done there in plastic sacks , you can get some more from the same place.
How about a spare PA generator for an acoustic music and rapping stage ?

At the end of March 250 people from all over the country met in London to discuss this years festival. Several things were agreed including no police on the site and that all major decisions were to be made at the daily assembly., The so –called organisers have gone completely against this. We say get the police off the site, especially plain clothes, we would lie to hear what people think about getting a general assembly together and or effective coordination between different groups

Shout bust/ If you see anyone arrested .By the way – there should be no arrests .. This is our festival and we should decide what happens here.

St Johns ambulance dealt with 2 appendixes and a broken leg.

Todays pig is tomorrows hot dog

Don’t use live wood for fires, Growing trees gives us fresh air
Kiss the earth with your arse, shit in a ditch .

Freek press situated north of the control tower , about 400 yards. Follow the ditch alongside the east car park till it turns right by the red Kenroy Transit . we need typewriter, mechanic , typists, info , news ideas etc,


( 1500 a day only ) Stick it up wherever people can see it One ream of paper equals 17 trees