Jesus Fish 

Ken Sabatini

Dearest friends,

I hate to take away any attention from Eb and post on an unrelated topic, but . . . ;)

I have a few questions regarding fish:

We all (very likely) have seen the so-called Jesus fish pasted to people's
automobiles, right? I don't recall the exact biblical reference, but to
me it always has stood for a symbol of Jesus Christ, although I don't know
if it is associated with a specific Christian denomination (e.g.,
Catholic, Lutheran, etc.). Surely, it goes back to His loaves and fishes
work and/or HIS many parables about fisherman. When people put this on
their cars I take it to mean they are telling others they believe in Jesus.
Right? Or maybe see themselves as disciples. Overall, its a fairly
clear message.
OK. Then we have the smart-ass Darwin versions of the fish: Same fish, but
its got legs and often the word Darwin within the outline of the fish.
This presumably is a message that the owner of the vehicle favors the
Darwinian explanation for the development of species, rather than (or in
addition to?) the all-powerful-God-made-everything-exactly-like-it-is-now
explanation (Creationism?). A semi-clear message.
I've seen both of these frequently. But this week I saw something new. It
was a bumper sticker with a picture of the Darwin fish, but the Darwin fish
was circled with one of those "no" lines diagonally running through it. You
know, like the no-smoking signs. So, what does this communicate? That the
person doesn't accept Darwin's research/theorizing whatsoever?
OR he accepts it but he also accepts God having a hand in the process and
thereby sees the Darwin fish as meaning "Darwin only (no God)?"
OR some other combination? An unclear message.
Now I've also seen a car with a whole bunch (school) of fish on it. They
were not the standard Jesus-fish size--they were rounder. But here there
were many fish, some with bubbles of air coming out of them. What's the
message here? I took it to be, "I like fish." It could mean something
else completely. A very unclear message or a non-message.
Last one: Now I've never seen this, but let's suppose there was a car
with a Jesus-fish AND a Darwin fish, except the Darwin fish was bigger
and its mouth was opened and it was in the process of eating the Jesus
fish. Now this would be a clearer statement: "Darwin Rules, Dude!"
OR reverse it and have the Jesus fish eating Darwin. Or for controversy's
sake have the Jesus fish eating the Darwin fish, with the Darwin fish
carrying a sign that reads something like "Keep Abortion Safe and Legal."
And so on and so on . . .
You see what happens when I get a little free time.

Well, I thought these were ubiquitous already down here in the RIGHTeous
South, but if you haven't seen the latest incarnation bumper-sticker,
here it is: Big Jesus fish bearing down with open jaws on a small
Darwin fish. The caption below reads "Survival Of The Fittest".
(He he...that's just so clever, guys)


I shudder to mention--Phish. Yes, hippies or high-school students who
have just turned on to pot. Since Jerry's dead, there needs to be a new
graphic symbols that still symbolizes to the police that there is a
good chance that there is pot in the car, pull it over.

I shudder to mention--Phish. Yes, hippies or high-school students who

> have just turned on to pot.
Or, people who just appreciate really good music.

--Chris the Grouch 

Christopher Gross

No one has mentioned the Cthulhu fish yet! It sports a nice array of
tentacles around the face in addition to the word "Cthulhu" in the body.
I wonder what the barn-agin types make of *that*....

While I do believe in God and Jesus, the whole fish thing on the car bumper
pisses me right off.
For fun, I have thought of making one that has a huge fish marked "Satan"
or "Me" bearing down on both the darwin fish AND the jesus fish. THAT'll
show 'em!!

Just yesterday, on that back of one car, I saw a Jesus fish placed nose to

nose (kissing?) with a Darwin fish. I'm *REALLY* not sure what the message
is there, although my first guess would be that the automobile is owned by
a couple made up of a Christian true believer and a strict Darwinian
evolutionist-materialist. I wonder if they're going to move the positions
of the fish around as their relationship grows more serious...
Man, I just had a sick thought, and I'm betting I should market it.


And jbj, I have heard tell that there IS a Satan fish. I'm not about put
any such thing on my car, it's in bad enough shape as it is.

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