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Stonehenge festivals chronology.

Part 5 :1984-85.



Barbed wire and the stones at dawn . Stonehenge 1980. Premonitions of things to come?

Photo © Guy Rowe

 'Stonehenge free festival will be in action again this year, and the organisers are busy lining up acts for the main music days. Among those already set are Twisted Sister, Hawkwind, Brilliant, Flux of Pink Indians, the American rock star Thor, Omega Tribe, Attila The Stockbroker, Conflict, Tank, Natural Roots, Dawnbringer, Winston Smith and Galaxy Soul Shuffle. As the summer solstice falls mid week this year , the main musical activity is expected to be concentrated in the four days leading up to the the Glastonbury festival - namely Tuesday to Friday - June 19-22nd. Many people are expected to start camping on the site, day or possibly weeks, beforehand , remaining there until the end of June . '



photo courtesy of Luke B

So just how was this all paid for ?

Convoy Steve :

"At the last S'henge me and bendy spent an hour a day extracting (with love) a tax from lots of the traders and the money was shared out amongst the rubbish collecting teams, the kids areas, festival aid (welfare), St Johns ambulance (medical), the main stage and other services - pretty together for hippies eh ? - all of the hash dealers bunged a wedge in as well to top up the coffers."

    The festival was the biggest ever , a fact that disturbed some of the older heads , who argued against too much growth. There is no doubt that the spirit had changed somehow, due largely to the heavy drug scene , which ranged from freebasing to smack use. although this was still confined to a minority of attendees.

Photo© Kirky and Julie-Anne



Photos above courtesy of Rich D ,Kirky and Julie Anne , Guy Rowe and Trudi Woodhouse . click to see larger images .

The heavy drug use was completely contrary to the ethos that was envisaged when Wally Hope and others had instigated the festival . The extent to which this degeneration had taken place was evidenced by the fact that the late John Pendragon helped set up an 'Alternative Free Festival’ within the festival - a small scale festival within the festival , with its own more intimate stage in a dealer-free zone that attempted to recreate the spirit of the early festivals.

Convoy Steve was collecting some rent one day from the stall holders (as he and bender Dave did every day so the rubbish crews, first aid, kids areas, welfare etc could keep ticking over) when he happened upon a camp that was the base for several food outlets on site. He got chatting to the blokes who ran the operation and ended being chauffeured around the site in their motor to collect the rents. These guys were very interested in putting money up for the following years main stage in return for a large presence at the festie. He now knows that they were selling all kinds of nasty powders and would not have been tolerated had they been found out.
This was academic however as next year (85) was the year of the Bean Field and S/henge did not happen."

In contrast to all of this heaviness one should remember that for the majority, the festival was still a great place to be at and that the fun far outweighed the fear . As we see below .......

This picture of the awfully nice tea rooms was taken opposite my trailer in 1984, a group of friends had formed the 'Awfully Nice Convoy' in response to the crusty, booze fuelled, punky types that were appearing on the travelling scene and we had a camp at s/henge where we plied our trade - I sold candles, someone sold corner shop stuff (bog roll, cat food, clothes pegs etc), someone had a creperie, someone put a stage together and played music, someone had a cafe and Mr Diamond (who was a professional Stage manager ) acquired some scenery from a defunct production that he had been involved with and became the awfully nice tea rooms where one could sit at a proper table with table cloths and be served with cream tea and scones for 21 shillings. Mr Diamond is actually dressed as a vicar - you can just see a glimpse of his dog collar under his chin.

The awfully nice Convoy Steve .

(Click on the awfully nice picture to visit the Archimedes site and see a bigger version of the photo)


The festival was also filmed and a video of Roy Harper( with Jimmy Page guesting ) , The Enid and Hawkwind was released . Apparently Hawkwind were stunning , but others also have claimed The Cardiacs set was the highlight of the week. As for Roy Harper and Pagey's involvement, " I just phoned them up and said do you want to play at the stones" Big Steve .......

   Regrettably, it was the last Peoples Free Rock festival to date. After the event ,which left a big pile of trash to clear up as well as a dozen burnt out or abandoned vehicles (some of them being vehicles owned by heroin dealers - rough justice being dispensed by the audience , but I don't expect the media publicised that fact too widely ) , the National Trust lobbied to ban the festival and the Thatcher government (which had dealt with national unrest in no uncertain terms, with many violent confrontations designed to show the union movement in the worst light and which had also , incidentally, conditioned the British public to accept storm trooper like police actions as a routine occurrence) , were only too pleased to step in and put an end to the festival based traveller culture.

Here and Now onstage Stonehenge 1984 (click image for a larger version)

Hawkwind were as usual, in attendance, headlining in fact and here are a few photos of them both on and off stage.

(click image for a larger version apart from top photo right )

Links to the 1984 festival

Archimedes has some great photos of the 84 festival including Chemical Alice playing in the Tibetan Ukrainian Mountain Troupe tent as well as pix of the main stage and PA. Also history of Chemical Alice.

Keirle has a nice page on the festival , where he recounts his years as a patron well as some pix.

And Rory Cargill has a lot of photos of his Invisible Band playing at the 84 festival .

( right )

Click on the image to get to his site and see more....


Ever wondered who were the last band to play at the Henge ? Well, read on to find out ......

Photo© Kirky and Julie-Anne


Found your site during a fit of red wine-fuelled nostaligia one night. Just thought you might like to know that my band 'The Liberators' played at stonehenge during the early hours of the last day of the 1984 festival after turning up in our trucks at about midnight. We finished at about 3am and no other band has ever played there since….
The next year, 1985, was the infamous 'Battle of the Beanfield' when the festival attempted to get off the ground and failed due to now notorious heavy-handed police action.
Ah, those were the daze! I would love our claim to historical fame to be toppled one day and for some other band to play there. However, I fear this will never happen. At least not in our life-times. Gloom .....
Anyway, nice to find your site.
Rosko, Bass player. The Liberators. 1984 - 1989


Just come across your site via video of Stonehenge festival which I stumbled on on Youtube and took a trip down memory lane.
I went to 82 fest with a mate, (Tim Beater) when I was finishing foundation at Farnham Art college but unfortunately the whole episode is a blank!

The venerable Ting of the Tibetan Ukranian Mountain troupe rests in all its cryptic majesty at Stonehenge 1984 Photo © Melissa

Some things I remember about 84 which I guess may have got patched in from 82:

Went with a bunch of mates from Brighton in my Series One land rover (which, amazingly, I still have and use on an almost daily basis!). Actually I have just found a photo on your site of what must have been our camp coz we had a very distinctive camping trailer which my dad made. (1984 page of photos in Stonehenge chronologies section Part 5, middle column, third pic down, courtesy of Pete) It's smack in the middle of the picture, a green wild west waggon style trailer tent with two round windows in the end. And my Land Rover I think is just behind it but I can't see pic in detail too well.

We arrived quite early coz I remember driving across empty fields to a wood to get firewood and then tearing around a field with one of my pals sitting on the bonnet til I nearly drove through a barbed-wire fence, at speed; my mate, Joe, (Richard Povey) jumped clear right at last moment and I still get a shiver when I think what the result might have been if the barbed wire had cut over the vehicle - we had the wind-screen down too. Joe was completely freaked by this and I don't think he spoke to me for some days.


Took Microdots and 'Sunrise' 'Sunset' tabs (may have been 82). Remember debating for ages with Tim when I should take the Sunrise tab after taking the sunset tab taking into account time delays, time of sunset and sunrise and when I wanted the sunrise tab to kick in over the sunset tab. In the end I said fuck it and took them all together. Wondered about like a zombie for ages, tried to watch some band but couldn't sit still, felt sick and went to crash in our tent but was too switched on staring at the dusk soaked orange patterns of the canvas. Tim thought I was dying coz I couldn't talk. Went for a walk in the night air and remember wondering over these hillocks which became enormous hills which I had to crawl slowly up and once at top found I was miles from anyone so started running leaping from hill to hill in giant strides til I was stopped by these two giant king and queen puppets that towered way above me. Had a paranoid introspective experience in which these puppets directed my attention to the more unpleasant aspects of my personality (I had previously believed I was a thoroughly nice person). What I needed to meet was the guy on your site with the "Don't Panic" sign.

Came across a camp fire and sat and chilled out figuring on aspects of reality (see Linklater's "Waking Life").

Photo © Melissa

Photo © Melissa

Visited some chill out tent and had my hippy hat nicked. One of my favourite possessions, a big black felt floppy. This biker looker guy sitting next to me asked if he could try it on. Wouldn't give it back. And I hate violence. Right then my Utopian hippy dream was shattered. Now I live in my own dream which those fuckers can't touch.

Also remember very clearly a guy riding a motor bike round the perimeter of an empty field, round and round til he ran out of fuel! And you know what, he refuelled and carried on, must have been for another hour. Don't know where he thought he was going, but he was going.

Anyhow, that's it for now. Hope it is of some interest to you.

Cool site by the way.



Guy Rowe sent me this poem about the 84 fest. A real Stonehenge vet - he'd attended the first one in 74, I think it appropriate that we finish the festival history with his words ....


The rolling images show lolling sunny hills
And washed students in clean jeans
Reconstructing part of the great henge.

They look good for TV – big hearted, average –
Just how we want to be.
Then the picture jumpcuts to me.

I lean alone against a great stone
And the voiceover says: "In the 1980’s
Stonehenge was taken over by Hippies."

I’m wearing a blanket though the viewer
Might not know the shadows are dawn.
As I gaze at the sky you’d suppose I’m inspired –
Or, drawn and tired and certainly tripping.

Off camera view a police spy in a helicopter
Films number plates –
And dodges flares fired up by some wag in the camp.

Across the road where lamps fade away
A 100,000 sparkling souls are I suppose
' The Hippies' and having a time that’s ripping.

There were mere hundreds of us in ‘74
When the first innocent festival came to the place.
We had poetry, performance and music –
Our emblem was the smiley face.

By ’84 it was an avalanche
Of space cadets, minstrels and mystics –
Or a branch of cosmic aliens that time forgot
And severed from the social tree.

It was a mystery to the government
That these events were free.
Contrary to their philosophy.

Ancient byelaw declared that if here
Were used an 11th year
It revert to common land. The freaks
Would have it forever – or never.

So in ’85 came the great fight –
When they brutally suppressed the annual fest
In a major abuse of liberties
Riot police battered the buses and hippies.

Though what was done went for years through the courts
Where the freaks finally won –
The beanfield – the camp – was lost.
At unknown cost whose justice was seen to be done?

If '84 was a gothic last supper
Then '85 was a haunted house party.
When they scuppered the convoy of coaches
They were pretty damn smarty.

'85 was the worst poem in your life.
Picture a Bosch or a Breughel come alive.
You’re captured on canvas in a living carnival
Cut from time’s frame with a knife.

With ghosts, the host includes fire eaters, jugglers, Tibetan monks.
Then eco freaks with mohican haircuts
And armless orange donkey jackets.

Mingling among chunks of stone doing things you do at home
En masse.
Hang gliders towed aloft across dusk by rickety vans.
That was Stonehenge – harmless.

All bar the bearbait or bullfight – and those wouldn’t surprise.
Army choppers tore from the skies
And buzzed the field twice a day in a free display
To our cheers.

Later, we had no fears when trucks and armoured cars
That failed to reach the stars led up the road
In a moving motorised siege instead
For a few days and nights on exercise – or goad?

STONEHENGE : A DOCUMENTARY ON TV. A true story, by Guy Rowe

I went down to the henge in 74 from Watchfield, the
old R.A.F base near swindon, it was not until years later locally here that I met craig scott who works for derby city council gardens section and recognised him from back in those days.
The photo from the documentary - I would have been there about 3 weeks in 84 when that was taken, so I would have been... pretty...... well.

It's just a small tribute to ad about the 74 festival but this is to
remember Dick Holman from Wantage who got up on the small stage then to deliver his poem: "He was Herbie the cosmic parrot - he kept on keeping on....." which Dick did several times a day as he did at watchfield.

I haven't yet read all your site but I wonder if (the bit I refer to in my poem about hang gliders being towed aloft across dusk by rickety vans) the guy who was doing that in 83 was using an old J4 van -rotten heap - he'd tow you up for a joint, but he did well enough out of it that when he came back in 84 he had I think two new hang gliders and a morgan sports car to tow them up with! If you haven't got anything on this fellow I hope you find him in the future.

I remember meeting some of the convoy people there in 83 and one guy told me of someone who had a photographic record of all the festivals to that date...

I started to read your item about wally, maybe if you too would remember people calling out for wally at reading fest and buxton etc, I once had a heavily edited letter in the Times explaining the origins of wally as far as i knew them. I wasn't at the isle of wight festival when hendrix was on but some years later I met a guy in oxford, and he told me how when he was at the isle of wight he lost his labrador in the crowd and he stood up and yelled out : "Wally where are you?" The impossibility of anyone finding anything there let alone wally just sort of amused the crowd so much that loads of people repeated him and the cry went up that way. I wonder if you have had other reports of this incident.

If i think of any other anecdotes I'll try put em down. I know that craig has left a series of tapes of his interviews with someone i think from the bbc about the henge festivals, there were so few of us there in 74 I wonder who can be left...
all the best

Some nights the fog came down and some were lost 'til light.
A full moon bled crimson red through the mist.
Underground groups cut the dark space with visceral sounds
Tuned to the high electric of the place.

On solstice morn a bass guitarist played up the dawn
On bleeding fingers that started
At midnight.

Then incongruous and comic Druids
Like wretched white penguins
Wobbled into the circle in their attempt
At a state of grace.


Then they sent Nimrods with super sharp cameras
To photo the field from the air.
Like people who shat in the woods –

Grabbed by cop snatch squads in the act
And carted away from the fun of the fair
With such worldly goods as brought them there.

The place was visible in sense and fact from other space.
Evenings cooler – the ghosts walk
Through avenues of tents and benders across acres of vans and cars

Spread out in mimic of the stars and genders
They’d talk and sing with someone who wasn’t always there.
Nor were you – no one needs permission to do anything.

At otherworld intermission – on weekends – inquisitive families
In their best suits would bring mum and send the kids
To look at the filthy hippies: it was friendly.
They were hirsute – and left no traces.

Quaint as the simmering morning a cartload of our little children
With painted whiskers on their faces
Led up the hill behind a donkey, crying:
Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy!

Come get your black hash here – or bikers
With sawn offs in your face.
There in living theatre your stew
Your orgy in an onion shaped tent.

In what strange brew a baby plays by strobelight
With fallen naked mannequins
To a crowd not too far out
To remember what a metaphor meant?

There in loud trick of the eye identical twins
Rolled back to back in the same rug
At the door of the sullen sky.

People quarked people for three weeks
By starlight and by sun
In an island of froth, bubble and fun.

Yet who saw in the shadows
Long and live of ‘84
The swansong and backlash of ’85?

Some editor picked me as an archetypal link
In unkind close up on their documentary.
I didn’t even have long hair as I stood there.
This is what people in the future will think:
‘Hippies’ wear blankets.

Guy Rowe 2004


1985- The end ?

1985. Another hapless Henge pilgrim finds himself on the way to the hooscow © Baz

    In 1985 the festival was banned by the Thatcher government and in May the Battle of the Beanfield took place, with an estimated 1000 police ambushing a convoy of travellers on their way to Stonehenge, trashing their vehicles and doing their best to completely demoralise the hard core festival community .The week after , 38 football fans were killed in a riot at an away match in Europe which not only diverted attention away from this event , but also put the Stonehenge festival in perspective. To my knowledge, the festival never had any deaths occur, the mess made was unfortunate, but compared to the mayhem and cost that the average football match cost to the taxpayer in policing, the Henge festival was a mere pinprick. So why was so much effort made to destroy it ? Total drug related hospital admissions from the festival in 84 were five ,the policing cost of the Beanfield exercise was 800.000 pounds. Value for money ?

 The Thatcher government has to go down as the most repressive and right wing government in 20th century British history. It had presided over record levels of unemployment , riots in the inner cities and the running down of the public health and educational systems . It was particularly intolerant of anything that transgressed its ideas of normality. Because there was so much unemployment and poverty in Britain in the early 80s , many people were taking to the road in old vehicles and taking up the travellers life as an alternative to festering in a tower block in some poxy town with no jobs and no future. The festival scene enabled travellers to spend most of the summer earning a living at the festivals from selling food , handcrafts and , in some cases, drugs.

      Also , the activities of the convoys were embarrassing and inconvenient for the government . It is far more comfy to live in a converted van in the winter than it is a to live in a tent - which meant that people could stay in places quite comfortably for months -places like Greenham common and other peace camps, which were an embarrassment to the Tories . Travellers were staying on crown land for months at a time, making a case for the land owned by the state to be allowed to house the people. They were congregating in large convoys which were difficult for the police to deal with and there were forces within the government who thought they could threaten the established order of property and wealth if they were allowed to continue to spread their ' subversive ' message .

    It would have been most convenient for the government to dispose of this threat , before the country was overrun with thousands of cheap mobile homes and their raggedy crews. Of course the festival goers played into the hands of the politicians by looking different , using various drugs and on occasions acting in a manner that would put Joe publics nose out of joint . However, regardless of whether all travellers were model citizens or not , the way that they were attacked in 1985 was a national disgrace -and their treatment was certainly more than was implied by Margaret- 'defender of dictator Pinochet'-Thatcher's remark " that we are only too delighted to do anything we can to make life difficult for such things as hippie convoys"- difficult appearing to be a euphemism for ' smash up your means of travel , terrorise your women and children , put down your animals and attempt to pass legislation that outlaws your very existence '.

Hopeful Henge badge for 1986's non festival

  The actions in suppressing free festivals in 1984/85/86 effectively destroyed a key part of the travellers world which had enabled them to exist as a homogenous group. No longer could they rely on the festival circuit as a means of obtaining a living or as a secure place to spend the summer months . Post 86 , forces that had not been such a major problem during the early part of the decade, such as the constant invasive harassment by the police and local authorities, the spectre of heroin ( which some say was encouraged by the police as a way of destroying the community ) and younger dispossessed elements who took to the trappings of the lifestyle , but not the ethics, meant that the travellers split up into smaller factions and were increasingly demonised by the media . It was not the end of the lifestyle by any means , but it was a major blow to the movement and the fundamental freedoms of the alternative society.



The walk to the Stones 1985 © Baz


   Although most of us will agree that we need some sort of police force to maintain order and to protect citizenry, there have been many instances over the years when the UK government has used the police as a weapon against the very people they are supposed to protect. The UK police force has usually been used against groups that the government considers a threat to vested interest of some sort - thus police have been used to curb striking workers to protect the interests of employers and to disperse demonstrators to protect the interests of the UK govt of the day in cases where that govt deems those demonstrations threaten the credibility of its foreign or domestic policy . There have also been several instances where the police have been used to prevent the public from attending free festivals and in at least two cases the police acted with unnecessary force . The first was Windsor in 1974 and the other major instance was Stonehenge in 1985 . In both cases the police seem to have been seized with a sort of mass hysteria and taken on the very mob mentality that they themselves are supposed to prevent .

   Why have the police acted in this way ? Possibly it may simply be resentment - I remember a friend whose father was a police sergeant in Swansea who told us that many of the force were infuriated that they had to police the Springbok rugby demo - because they had to give up their weekend leave- he predicted that they would give the demonstrators a hard time and it was one of the most violent demos of the tour- with police meting out very rough handling . However in the case of Windsor and the Henge we think it goes deeper. By its very nature the police force is generally composed of the more conservative elements in our society , its members like an ordered, predictable and rule following citizenry . Free festival goers are diametrically opposed to these principles, they like taking risks, they flaunt the law by their actions , they look and act differently. They are a group that the police are almost primed to hate . When government sanctions the suppression of such a group ,when the press chimes in and demonises the group with sensational stories , then an atmosphere is created that legitimises the brutal treatment of that group, because essentially they are dehumanised . It becomes easy to say that they deserve the treatment because they "live like animals and have no respect for anyone" - ( just look at a few of the comments the Beanfield footage has received on Youtube , you can see this attitude is still alive and well ) . It is what has happened to minorities everywhere over the centuries - the only advantage we have now is that the press are there to document most instances of abuse, but that still does not prevent instances like the Beanfield from being hushed up ,if the media are compliant and prepared to protect the authorities.

   Fortunately these injustices have not gone completely undocumented and the campaign to return a festival to the Henge goes on - you can read all about the police actions and the freak campaigns to return the festival to the stones if you visit the sites below , which go into great detail as to what took place in 1985 to date .

Before you visit these links , read Paul's account of what happened to him at the Beanfield

 For my troubles, I was in the Beanfield on June 1st 1985, lost 4 German Shepherds (3 of them only 8 months old) and was detained at Aldershot (on the army base as it turned out) for 3 days, to be bailed from Basingstoke Magistrates on the monday, with the usual exclusions and conditions.  Took me over 24 hours to find the Police pound at Everleigh and retrieve my truck, whereupon I was promptly re-arrested for not returning a hire van on time (it was due back on the Monday).  Apart from which the hire van (a brand new Ford Tranny) was utterly wrecked as the Police had used it as a type of battering-ram to stop the Rasta Bus on the Beanfield. I was re-arrested on the basis of 'Fraud & Deception of goods in excess of £10k' and driven all the way back to Lancs where I had hired the van.  No charges were pursued by the police in Lancs, who were dumbstruck when I related my tale.  Had to hitch back to Wiltshire and it was about June 10th when I recovered my truck and a couple of days after that until I learned of the fate of the dogs - a mine of disinformation existed over the fate of animals originally.

The Rasta bus vainly attempts to outrun the plod-

Beanfield 1985


A pair of England's finest hassling the horses. © Baz

   Was convicted in Salisbury Mags in 87, I think, of Criminal Damage and Obstructing the Police.  Lord Cardigan, Nick Davies, etc, were there as defence witnesses.  Lionel Grundy quite obviously and palpably lied under oath.  I still have all the transcripts of the entire 10 day 'trial'.
   Was one of the 24 who sued the Police at Winchester Crown and attended to give evidence around Armistice Day 1990 - I remember the poppies on sale in the court.  Got a judgment in favour for the destruction of 4 dogs, damage to property, excessive force, etc, but NOT unlawful arrest and imprisonment.  Judge ordered only half my costs (which were £101k) to be met by the police- they took the paltry £2100 damages I received, as payment for the £50,500 outstanding and told me I was a lucky chap and that was that!  I'm sure you're aware of some of these details, but its good to relate them anyway.  Thanks for listening.
Got onto your site by the way, from Tash's excellent site.
In a bit

Trouble ahead, trouble behind, on the way to the Stones 1985 © Baz

Beanfield Images


    Since the police began smashing windscreens in the convoy on the main road , those whose vehicles were still intact retreated into a nearby field. Unfortunately once in the field there was no escape.

    Having cornered the convoy in the Beanfield the old bill marshaled their troops on the edge of the field. Note the full riot gear the police are wearing, this despite there being no history of travellers resisting arrest violently in the past that we are aware of. This was obviously a pre-planned action and the authorities were looking to act in a specific way towards the convoy's inhabitants .

    No attempt was made to coax anyone out of the vehicles , basically it appears to have been full on threatening action from the start. The most incriminating footage of police violence mysteriously disappeared from the TV companies vaults , what is left is the tame stuff and that is chilling enough to watch .

Police rush one of the first buses


Thoroughly intimidated, this traveller cowers as he is prodded threateningly with a riot baton .

These unresisting travellers were verbally and physically threatened by police.



Having seen what happened to those who stopped on request the remaining travellers flee the police .

However there was no escape .

This particular plod went berserk ,enable to smash the side door he turned to the windows. A sergeant actually shouted at him to calm down .This mirrors what happened at Windsor in 1974 with some officers being way over the top in their dealings with the festival goers .

Girls inside the bus scream hysterically as police smash windows ( note that both officers have removed their ID numbers )



The brutal SWAT style Police response was totally over the top as most travellers offered no resistance.



Phil's bus burning

The end result of police "action"

The Rasta buses futile dash for freedom incensed the cops .They surrounded the bus and basically beat the shit out of it .


    Before the police entered the field they delivered an ultimatum to the travellers . Our old mate Phil was interviewed directly after this and here's a transcript of his speech .

" What they want is for us to hand ourselves over for arrest like they did at Nostell Priory last year, they fitted us up, loads of us . Nobodies done anything about it and they are going to start doing it again. And we need help. We're genuine people just like yourselves and we need help right now . Please ! Help us, all of you , help us, stand by us."

Kim Sabido of ITN delivered this commentary,which was removed when the evening news bulletin was broadcast .

"What we've witnessed in the last half hour here has been surely some of the most brutal action by the police forces in Britain for a long time, whatever the causes the end product seemed to be just hitting out wildly by the police .Young women with babies in their arms were hit as well.

At one stage one of the cameramen from fleet street was arrested for being on this site - we were pushed and shoved to one side, but the worst of it all was that the people in those coaches who were trying to escape from the police were just grabbed , their windows were smashed and they themselves were just beaten , sometimes senselessly ,on the floor . "

Kim Sabido ITN

530 people were arrested at the Beanfield incident. Many children were taken into care, many vehicles and animals were destroyed . Why was so much energy and money spent on this action when these people represented such a minor threat to society ? Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut ?

Watch footage of the beanfield police action at Youtube


Excellent exhibition with photos and very detailed story of the Beanfield

Tash - Is a photographer who was at the Battle Of The Beanfield and his story is recounted at his excellent site, which contains many photographs.

Andy Worthington has written a book about the Beanfield . Andy is the author of the excellent book about Stonehenge ; "Celebration and Subversion".

Operation Solstice- you can buy a video about the Beanfield which contains footage of police brutality which was "lost ' after the attack and never aired on TV .

Stonehenge Propaganda. - A site that tells something of the history of the travellers attempts to hold a festival outside the exclusion zone in 1985 and details the webmasters visits to Stonehenge from 1985 to the present day.

Greenleaf- History of the battles for Stonehenge.

Weed - more about Stonehenge( and other cool stuff ) at Weeds site

Tash- view his site map with links to all the Stonehenge pages, view his photo galleries which cover the solstice celebrations during the 80s and 90s

Dice George's - Stonehenge site .

Festival Eye at Stonehenge.

Hard Core Carvers- festival archive and info on contemporary festivals in the UK

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