Spike writes

I've just been looking at the 7-7-77 glastonbury pics and you have on the site one of the stage.The P.A. in the photo was provided by Alan Osbaldeston and myself. It belonged to a band called the Dragons and we had just done a few gigs in Exeter ,Plymouth, and H.M.S Raleigh just into Cornwall and were on our way home to jolly old Wiltshire. Al and meself had got the message on the grapevine that this was a mystical date and that something was going down so we climbed the Tor at 5 in the morning on our way back, saw bugger all and then picked up a lone hitchhiking hippy on his way back to the site.So there we were with a van load of p,a. a brain full of interesting substances at 7 in the morning,what do you do?.You set the p.a.up and bands turn up and play.

Only band I definitely remember were Here and Now I think most of the bands that played were local but I could be wrong. Al was the sound engineer and I was the stage roadie and we ran the p.a. solid for 24 hours (thanks to a very nice man with some bombers) we then disintegrated and went home.

Details of the p,a. which was considered state of the art at the time are as follows:

all power amps M&M250 watts aside stereo total output front of house 1000 watts

,foldback . speakers bottom end 500watt E.V. full range (Icant remember the mid &top enclosures )

the desk was an M&M 24 channel 8-4-2 with 8 way graphic eq on left and right output.

the mics were a mix mainly of shure.

This was the only gig Al and myself ever did when we managed to get the rig running flat out,due to the stage being on top of a hill.(the same rig got Chutes night club in Bristol closed down because the plates in the chinese restaraunt next door were rattling of the tables).Alan I have'nt seen for a number of years although I hear of him from time to time, he is as always trying to develop a set of rave speakers that will make your ears bleed.