Glass Flamebait

Date: Fri, 16 May 97

From: The Great Quail

"The Toast Queen states oh-so-provocatively:


> IMO the three flamewars that produce the most heat and the least

>light are politics, religion, and "Glass is a supercooled liquid that

>slowly flows, and you can see it in old windows and I don't care what the

>physicists say".


What? My God, this is the exact kind of thinking that makes me furious! I

mean, haven't we all been through this tedious flame war *far* too many

times? Those freaking chemists, man. Always ready to start a fight.


"Supercooled liquid," my ass! Only morons - and by that I include all

those ninnies in the Royal Society, from Boyle to Lord Kelvin and all the

way down - would buy into such an idea. Glass is a solid, and that's

that. This all goes back to the Arabian/Venetian alchemist question. Just

because those pompous faux-Florentines were better glass blowers . . . I

mean, who ever heard of anything like a "supercooled liquid!" Ohh

nnnooooooo, glass has to be special. Had to hold up the Renaissance until

we could invent the retort and the alembic, didn't we? But did they stop

there? Of course not! Then we had blue glass, with new improved cobalt! A

coincidence that cobalt takes its name from Kobold, a German goblin? Of

course not! It further proves the esoteric German/Italian ties,

highlighting the cross currents of this Eurocentric glass conspiracy! I

though this stuff was all laid out in "The Chymical Wedding of Christian

Rosenbeaker." Why the hell did we even bother to *have* the Thirty Year's

War for? And before that, the driving of the Moors out of Spain? I mean,

*Hello!* Can you say Oppressed Baghdad Clay Methodology versus the

Euroglass Dogma Cultural Monolith?


Good Christ, I am sick of explaining this to people. Glass, glass glass,

has to be bloody special. And not content with blue, we had to have green

and brown glass, and for what? Oh, and don't even *think* of giving me

that hydrogen peroxide/silver nitrate dreck. I'll believe in ultraviolet

light when I see it, baby, and not a moment sooner! Green and brown glass

. . . just more crap to confuse future recycle programs with! More

stained glass for the cathedrals - but hey, isn't that why the cut off

Laviosier's Head? There was a blow to those damned chemists, delivered by

the harbingers of the Age of Reason. The Masons were into that one up to

their eyeballs, I'll warrant, or at least until that Glass infiltrator

Robespierre. (Who, by the way, was a humble glazier named "Glassy Sven"

before he became a tyrant.)


Oh, yes, we've all heard that supercooled liquid thing - and what a lame

explanation it is! Remember, this is from the same people who brought us

the concepts of Quintessence, Caloric Fluid, the Luminous Ether, and the

infamous Phlogiston World Tour of the Late Eighteenth Century. Not to

mention Cold Fusion, Flubber, and Buckeyballs! Do they take us for a

bunch of fucking idiots? "But have you ever looked at the glass in an old

house . . . " Oh, *please*! What a poor excuse to cover something as

simple as shoddy craftsmanship! I mean, look at any pane of glass - does

it sag? No! Just a few cases in those (by now certainly nearing the

status of an urban legend) so called "old houses."


Will the Glass Conspiracy ever stop? Or will they not rest until we are

all thralls to GOG: the Glaziers Occupational Government? And the whole

machineries of their lies and corruption! I will never forget the way

they tried to co-opt our hero Einstein, coupling his greatness with that

horrid four hour so-called "opera" from the seventies - and how obvious

it was, too, that this "minimalist" composer would go by the name of

Philip Glass. . . . Damn their eyes, these devils! In their arrogance

they no longer even feel the need for secrecy . . . .


. . . but we'll show them!


So flame away, Fegs! I have held my own in this flame war on many, many

lists, and I am not afraid to climb on my soapbox again!


Al-Quail ibn Hmuh ibn Feggi

Here endeth the great Quails rantings

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