Subject: Eb dissing.
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998
From: "Capitalism Blows"

<So, did I miss anything?


well, let's see...
--eb dissed a glasses fetishist really bad, causing him to unsub after only about three days on the list.
--eb dissed STOREFRONT HITCHCOCK really bad, causing woj to issue a sternly worded admonition.
--eb dissed my rekkid collection really bad, causing me to lie awake nights wishing my parents had used more effective contraception.
--eb dissed commander lang really bad for putting his grateful dead bootlist online.
--eb dissed terry really bad for constructing a flowchart demonstrating that each and every song ever recorded is a cheap monkees ripoff. (the thing is, that flowchart was actually pretty convincing, in my opinion.)
--eb dissed hedges really bad for schoolmarming.
--eb dissed capuch'n really bad for being elitist.
--eb dissed godwin really bad for misspelling Foxey Lady.
--eb dissed ben really bad on "general principle."
--eb dissed woj really bad for only listening to lilith fair artists.
--eb dissed his advance promo copy of GLASS FLESH II really bad, causing bayard to break down and cry.
--tori fans are *still* talking about masturbation.

...that's probably about it, i guess.