In which dlang is hoisted by his own conspiracy thread petard. To begin the thread, another Aussie feg mailed in to the list to which Bayard  responded  thus............  >  "another Dave from Oz.. it's a Davespiracy!! "

Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998
From: dlang
Organization: sharktrades
To: fegmaniax@smoe.org

-- Bayard wrote

>another Dave from Oz.. it's a Davespiracy!!

Yes and judging by the e-mail address, he resides in Adelaide also!
Williams ! -he has to have Welsh antecedents. You may have forgotten , but I AM Welsh, another coincidence?

I don't think so....

Are the forces of darkness gathering around me?, has the feathered one's reach grown so long?. I figured I was relatively safe out here on the rim, but ....apparently not.
Is this an attempt to create some weird sort of an alter ego who will usurp my memories and bodily functions?
He already has my first name , he lives in the same city, he IS Welsh.
No, this is taking things too far, after all this whole thing is just a big joke, I mean I never thought the Quail actually was evil , I just went along with this conspiracy theory for a laugh....

But wait , a truly horrid thought occurs to me, a fantasy that unravels before my eyes as I lapse into a fugue like state of which I am powerless to resist . Even though I screw up my eyes, it plays in my imagination , it flickers in a loathsome sepia tint , reminiscent of a 1920's Buster Keaton flick! But this is no comedy!!

The scenario unravels thus

I arrange to meet up with this Williams, as we share the same interests. I sit unsuspecting at my Mac posting more Quail plots. A mellow mood, at last , a kindred spirit to share Robyn thoughts with !. The long solitude will be broken.

The doorbell interrupts my thoughts. When I open the door a figure is silhouetted in the lamplight , he moves forward into the light and raises his head, Moustache, glasses, three day stubble. ...Mein Gott , its me, or rather, my doppleganger ! He smiles, lifts his hand and points, I'm transfixed, unable to move , totally powerless. My last conscious image is the tiny Quail tattoo on his left wrist, then all goes black............

A dream ?
Or has it *already* taken place...

This is just too weird , I'm going to lie down for a while.
the real original dave ( I think )


Organization: sharktrades
To: fegmaniax@smoe.org

--  I'm totally confused re this davespiracy thang
I firstly read Der Grosser's missive
>I understand your concern, Dave, but just remember this: if you ever think you see evidence of >one of the Quail's plots, that means it's too obvious to be taken at face value.  More likely it's >just a trick to distract you from what he's *really* up to.  Think about it....

 and was reassured,.Then I innocently perused Bayard's post and was floored when I read his little addendum

>RE the Davespiracy - does not the _Queen Elvis_ outtake EVIL GUY feature the line, "dee-lang >dee-lang de-la-a-ang, he's just an Evil Guy"?  The reader is left to draw the obvious >conclusions...

 Just what does this all mean?  On the one hand I feel that Chris is right and that the doppleganger /dwilliams connection is just TOO obvious. On the other , we have it from the masters mouth itself that I am probably aligned with the very dark forces that I supposedly am dedicated in fighting against through Friends of Feg and my many warnings to the list as to the insidious doings of the Quailspiracy.

Bayard, thou hast shaken the very foundations of my belief system .

I see so many implications here. I thought I was designing the surreal posse site to spread the word against the Quail, but in reality I may have been unwittingly spreading the diabolical beliefs of the cheeping one  to an even larger audience than the relatively narrow confines of the Hitchcock list! The attempted jamming of the site was probably  a ruse to make me work even harder to establish it for mass distribution !!

My numerous Quailspiracy warnings , rather than scaring off new Quailconverts,could  in fact have been drawing  more helpless innocents into the chittering  maw of the pinioned pervert and his cohorts in crime!!!!.

But yet again, possibly this Bayard post may simply be a ruse to try to discourage me from my ceaseless fight against the invincible armies of the befeathered geek , Bayard is such a long time list member, could HE HIMSELF
be under the thrall of the TGQ, spreading dissent ion, confusion and falsetrails .........yesss. Possibly... I can see it now, the two of them plotting against me and cackling wildly as they sow the seeds of their collective mania.

Another possibility...

What we took to be the harmless surreal  postings of Fetter, Fane Runion , et al were in fact coded subliminal messages designed to subvert the brains of all list members.
Could not in fact ALL the messages on the list  be  designed to have this affect, not just the surreal ones. Everything could be malign, Ebs birthday greetings, Terry's Monkee mentionings, Susan's e-mail posting paranoia, tape trees......-GOD, who started off the mega tree idea....none other than BAYARD!!!!. and now he exhorts you to buy a new Cd , the contents of which we are supposed to take as benign ,supposedly  manufactured by list members for our delight. Fegs , I would be very careful before you decide to buy this disc!!!!.

Well. I am made of stronger stuff. I refuse to bow to this  vile propaganda and fifth column activities by people who should know better..I will not be cowed into silence. I refuse to believe that I am part of this conspiracy.

However, in the light that Bayard actually IS NOT in league with the TGQ and since I cannot be totally certain of my own motives , I will in future hedge ALL my bets by sending * two* versions of any warnings/conspiracy /whatever posts that I send to the list, its up to you buggers who you wish to believe, but I will say just this.
 Trust NO ONE on the list--- , or conversely ,trust EVERYONE .
IGNORE this post as mere paranoid ramblings,------ or conversely, take it VERY SERIOUSLY and accept it as utter TRUTH.
DO NOT BUY THE NEW CD or listen to it ever,---- or alternately ,buy several copies of it and play it till its worn out..
 DO NOT  visit my web site or you will risk corruption ,------ or again - do so IMMEDIATELY, so you will be warned against the chaos to come and take the appropriate steps for or against whichever side of this twisted ferrago of bluff and counter bluff you believe ,whatever or whoever  they may be or not be.

Yours , dazed and confusedly .
( who at one time used to be known as The Great White Shark -coincidence again?, its suspiciously similar to The Great Quail .Perhaps Bayard was right, but yet again .... perhaps not .......)

I think I'll just sit here and grind my teeth for a while.....

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